Braised Spicy Pork

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 5:38 AM ~

For this post, I am sharing my next food recipe, Braised Spicy Pork. I am not a fan of pork and even though I cooked it often for my family, I don't really eat it (weird, I know...) but this dish changed me. I find myself eating it without feeling weird etc and have even been cooking extra on few occassions so that I can pack some and give it to my brother in laws and sister in law to try out as well. This dish is well-loved by my hubby and my siblings-in law :)

Without further ado, here is the recipe for Braised Spicy Pork:

* Pork meat, marinated with sugar, sweet soy sauce and baking soda for at least half to one hour
* 1 tbsp of Hot Chili Sauce (Brand: Huy Fong Foods Inc.)
* 3-4 tbsp of Chili Garlic Sauce (Brand: Huy Fong Foods Inc.)   (** click on picture to buy from iHerb)

Chili Garlic Sauce (Brand: Huy Fong Foods Inc.)

* 1 tbsp of Baba's Chili Powder
* Water (about 1 cup) 
* Sugar (about 1/2 tbsp)
* Salt
(about 1/2 tbsp) 
* Cornflour with water if you want to thicken the sauce/gravy
* Oil - for frying the pork slices  

* Slice the pork thinly (thickness and length up to you)
* Heat up oil in pan. Meanwhile mix water, sugar, salt, chili powder, hot chili sauce and chili garlic sauce together in a small bowl.
* Fry the pork slices.
* Pour the sauce mixture into pan.
* Cover pan and braised the pork in the spicy sauce mixture for about 5 minutes and continue cooking for about 5 minutes more.
* You may add the cornflour with water mixture if you want your sauce/gravy to be thicker.
* Ready to serve



Braised Spicy Pork

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IPPUDO Food Review

~ Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 6:45 AM ~

One of the reasons I love being a blogger is getting to do food review with my family. Over a year ago, I had the privilege to try out a food preview session for IPPUDO's Parent's Day package and this year, I have been invited again to try out their latest promo deal. Without further ado, check out my review below...

I'm a full-time mummy


About the company:

"IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Japan’s ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally renowned Ramen King and CEO of Chikaranomoto Company, which encompasses some of Japan’s finest restaurants. There are over 65 stores in Japan, and globally in places such as New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Shanghai. IPPUDO has become the most popular ramen restaurant over the years."

I'm a full-time mummy

We opted to go back to IPPUDO The Gardens Midvalley, the same outlet we went to in 2014 and instead of just our family member of 5 (hubby and I with our 3 kiddos then), this time we brought a whole lot of people along to try out the promo with us. Actually all of us were celebrating our nephew's 10th birthday earlier in the afternoon and we decided to continue on our celebration with a nice family dinner at IPPUDO. There is a total of 7 adults with 5 kiddos on that night.

We reached the outlet at almost 8pm and were greeted with an enthusiastic welcome by the restaurant's staff and were then directed to our room. The supervisor in-charge, Mr. Alfred promptly helped us along as we ordered our ramens and extra dishes (hubby wanted to let our family members try out IPPUDO's other awesome dishes as well).


I managed to snap a few quick pictures around the room we were in while waiting for hubby to order the ramens and dishes. We requested for normal textured ramen and were given the following complimentary sets for our food review:

  • Premium set A (Choice of 2 ramens with salmon roll + appetizer platter + Itachoco)

  • Premium set B (Choice of 2 ramens with 2 pork buns + spicy boiled gyoza + appetizer platter + Daifuku)


  • Kids Menu Combo A (Shiromaru Moboaji + Chicken Karaage + Orange juice)


  • Kids Menu Combo B (Furikake + Ebi + Tsukune + Chicken Teriyaki + Kiwi + Orange juice)

The food arrived very fast and in orderly manner. I am sorry but I can't snap the pictures nicely because of the long table and the food is everywhere being passed around to share hahahaha...We were all calm and cool as cucumber before the food arrived, but when they came... oh boy... my family and the kiddos are like locusts! Swarming over the ramens and side dishes to be the first to try out and share their feedback.


I am very impressed with the numerous staff who were very helpful, checking in every now and then to make sure we have everything we wanted, refilling our green teas and taking away our plates to clear up space and etc.

A real honest feedback to how delicious the food at IPPUDO? Very easy to see. Just look at our 3 kiddos and how they behave when they were eating their food. Our girls especially are very picky with their food, if it is not nice, no matter how you force or entice them with sweet treats also it won't work. But throughout the whole time during the dinner, our 3.5 years old girl happily self-feed 3 bowls of ramen, wiping off the soup that dribbles down her mouth as she gobbles up her ramen.


Our 6 years old boy? Look at his face smiling through his kid's meal combo B. And our 1.5 years old girl? She is the pickiest amongst her siblings. Her SEP (standard eating procedure) would be:

1. Take a small bite

If food is not up to her taste, she will shrug away and said NO and attacked my breasts (she is still breastfeeding on top of her solids) OR

If she likes the food, she will nod her head and said 'Samor!'

During the dinner, she continued whacking all the karaage which was really crispy on the outside, smooth and tender on the inside and easy for a toddler like her to eat. I am a happy mum!

 As for us adults, our honest opinion of the food review at IPPUDO this time? The menu selection was good, the food was delicious, quality is the maintained tip-top good and from the family point of view, the package is value for money instead of ordering separately. I'm sure anyone would be happy to pay for something as long as the food is delicious and made of the good quality ingredients, so the awesome point of getting to eat delicious food and knowing it is well worth the money spent for is just fantastic! Do go over to IPPUDO and try out their Premium set while the promo is still available! GOOOOOOOOO!!!


Thank you again Ippudo Malaysia for inviting us!

We really enjoy it very very much! Thumbs up from all of us!


I'm a full-time mummy

IPPUDO's Premium set promo is available for a limited time only. You can find out more at


I'm a full-time mummy

Do note that I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.


Dinner - Before & After

~ Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 5:47 AM ~

Last year, I wrote about a look back into my home-cooked journey so far. Then shortly before the end of 2014, I wrote a post on my preparation when cooking. Then I thought, "Why not snap a picture of before start cooking and the final results after cooking?"

So, here you go..

Left part of the picture is the ingredients all ready to be cooked on 31st March 2015. From top left (clockwise): Choy Sum (washed, rinsed, chopped into inch long), a cup of sliced garlic (about 7-8 cloves), a bowl of sweet soy sauce + water + sugar, 2 eggs, a can of red beans, Asian sea bass (siakap).

Dinner - Before & After

My dinner dishes for that day? Click on the dish name to check out my recipe.

  • Stir-fry Choy Sum with garlic

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