MyGyver Mum aka Me!

~ Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 8:36 AM ~

Yesterday so difficult ooked for empty toilet rolls for DD12 (aka dear daughter 12yo) class projects.
The next morning 5 mins before, I REPEAT, 5 minutes before reaching her school, she realised she left them at home.How the heck am I going to vomit out the empty rolls for her??!! She thinks her mother is David Copperfield is itttt?! Poop also not fast enough!!!

I had to search through my car and thank God, found a kitchen roll (no idea why I have one in my car!) So I had to quickly parked car aside and McGyver out 2 rolls from the 1 kitchen roll!

Everybody please clap clap at ME for my McGyverism at this last minute stress-inducing moment 😠

Lesson to learn:
1. Keep spares empty rolls in car 😑
2. One kitchen roll = 2 toilet rolls 😬
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