Greetings from Malaysia!

My name is Jenny. If you wish to contact me, please drop me an email using the form below.

** PRODUCT REVIEW PITCHES: I am a stay-at-home mother with 5 kiddos (age range from 3 months to 10 years old), so at the moment, I only accept products/books which are geared towards family-friendly or educational genre. If your products/books can help me and /or my family out in our day to day activities, please do drop me an email!

** BLOG COLLABORATION / ADVERTISING: I only work with family-friendly sites and I don't do sales quota, affiliate programmes or any selling for your clients/company. I will have to decline if your advertising scripts/banner links are on Java scripts as my blog engine is not compatible with these scripts - they tend to cause my blog to crash some times. Please email me only if you are OK with this arrangements.

** GUEST POSTS: At the moment, the guest posts that I accept are paid and sponsored and must link to family-friendly sites. The post should be about 250 words with maximum 1 text link. Please email me only if you are OK with this arrangements.

** PR COMPANIES: I love collecting red packets or what we call 'angpow' here in Malaysia. If you somehow can get hold of angpow packets to add onto my collection, that would be a big plus points for me to consider collaborating with your clients! So please do contact me!