Braised Spicy Pork

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 5:38 AM ~

For this post, I am sharing my next food recipe, Braised Spicy Pork. I am not a fan of pork and even though I cooked it often for my family, I don't really eat it (weird, I know...) but this dish changed me. I find myself eating it without feeling weird etc and have even been cooking extra on few occassions so that I can pack some and give it to my brother in laws and sister in law to try out as well. This dish is well-loved by my hubby and my siblings-in law :)

Without further ado, here is the recipe for Braised Spicy Pork:

* Pork meat, marinated with sugar, sweet soy sauce and baking soda for at least half to one hour
* 1 tbsp of Hot Chili Sauce (Brand: Huy Fong Foods Inc.)
* 3-4 tbsp of Chili Garlic Sauce (Brand: Huy Fong Foods Inc.)   (** click on picture to buy from iHerb)

Chili Garlic Sauce (Brand: Huy Fong Foods Inc.)

* 1 tbsp of Baba's Chili Powder
* Water (about 1 cup) 
* Sugar (about 1/2 tbsp)
* Salt
(about 1/2 tbsp) 
* Cornflour with water if you want to thicken the sauce/gravy
* Oil - for frying the pork slices  

* Slice the pork thinly (thickness and length up to you)
* Heat up oil in pan. Meanwhile mix water, sugar, salt, chili powder, hot chili sauce and chili garlic sauce together in a small bowl.
* Fry the pork slices.
* Pour the sauce mixture into pan.
* Cover pan and braised the pork in the spicy sauce mixture for about 5 minutes and continue cooking for about 5 minutes more.
* You may add the cornflour with water mixture if you want your sauce/gravy to be thicker.
* Ready to serve



Braised Spicy Pork

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