Sewing Project - Hooded Bath Towels

~ Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015 at 5:30 AM ~

I bought my first ever sewing macchine in April 2015, the Global Sewing Machine GSM-505. The first thing I tried to do using the sewing machine was to repair my hubby's torn pants and jeans, followed by my diaper bag and our toddler's rompers. Then I made some hand towels.  

And a few months earlier, I bought some bath towels and face towels in preparation to DIY hooded bath towels for our kiddos. Why hooded bath towels? I thought it would be nice to DIY something like this which they can use everyday and practical as well. Too often especially whenever we bring our kiddos for a swim at my sis-in-law's condo, I wished our kiddos could have hooded towels to cover their head and keep themselves warm.

I made the 1st one by hand and this is how it turned out... I know, uneven hand sewing but I haven't bought my sewing machine then and I thought it can be done with hand - well, yes, in a way, it can but not as nice...

So I put the project on hold as I realised it would be so much better if done using a sewing machine and then I realised, I needed to learn some sewing skills! And finally for today's post, I'm sharing my 2nd mini sewing project, which is Hooded Bath Towels!

A bit tricky when sewing certain areas but with patience and perseverance, I made it! But I'm not good with those ribbon clasp thingy yet LOL

To end my post, I am very happy with my second mini project and hope to do more sewing stuff when time permits!

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