Decorating Your Bathroom

~ Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 1:31 AM ~

Do you know that the average person spends about two weeks in the bathroom each year or about three whole years of their life in the bathroom?

With this amount of time spent, I would think it is necessary that we have a bathroom where we feel comfortable to be in and that its' environment and  surrounding brings calm and relaxation feel to us whenever we are inside the bathroom.

Now what are the important features that you consider into when it comes to decorating your bathroom?

For me, I think bathroom lighting is an important feature to look into when decorating your bathroom. If I have the choice, I would choose a contemporary bathroom lighting, something like this:

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I prefer bathroom lighting which is simple and clean looking, one that does not stand out or look out of place.

Another feature to consider when decorating your bathroom is the bathroom mirrors. With so many types and designs available on bathroom mirrors nowadays, it is not an easy task to choose one that is going to complement the look of your bathroom.

 I would personally go for something simpler in style, and yet look classy and unique at the same time. I mean, look at the bathroom mirror shown below! Isn't it gorgeous?

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What do you think are the important features when it comes to decorating your bathroom?

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Catheryn @ Pinkbibs

To me, my bathroom design/concept to be :
-timeless (wont go out of date too fast that I have to redeco the place every year or so)
-functional (with sufficient storage of stuffs)
-easy to be clean because I would project myself to be maid-less for the rest of my life

Smile  Have a good week Jenny!

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