Your Sanity? Clean House? Happy Kids?

~ Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 5:08 AM ~

Saw someone posting this and decided to share it here:

Your Sanity Clean House Happy Kids

If you have to choose 2 out of the 3 items listed in the picture above, what would it be?

Your Sanity?

Clean House?

Happy Kids?

Happy kids, definitely! Happy kids is a must. To see the happy faces on your kiddos, their cheerful laughters and playful moments between each other, enjoying their childhood and building memories to be cherished later on when they grow up. Who wouldn't want that for their kiddos?

Sanity? As a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM), I'm already 24/7/365 stuck at home and surrounded by little children, so of course I need to find ways to preserve my sanity and keeping them intact. Blogging and staying active on my FB page is a way to keep my sanity and connected to the outside world.

A clean house? Oh well... I find that if I have to choose between my sanity and a clean house, then I gotta sacrifice a clean house. Of course by sacrifice I don't mean that I don't even care about our house, more like I find ways to balance it and yet not making the house too sloppy hahaha...

What I make do is to vacuum the rooms every alternate days, sweeping floors whenever mess detected, mopping the floors every alternate days too, clothes pile up to be chuck into the washing machine every 1-2 days, ironing hubby's working clothes would be every 2-3 weeks once since I will wait until there is about 2 weeks worth of working clothes to be ironed. Cooking wise, breakfast usually bread and cheese or buns with yogurt or milk, lunch depends, sometimes I ordered takeaway food, sometimes I fry rice or noodles or cook oats for kiddos, as for dinner it is a must every weekday. My kitchen is close on weekend though, that's when we eat outside or hubby cooked something (like spaghetti, sandwich, etc). Grocery shopping is done every fortnight where I normally lug our 2 girls or all 3 kiddos, depends on what time I do the grocery shopping. Does this make me a sloppy mum? Hmmm...

What about you? If you have to choose 2 out of these 3 things, what would it be?

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