Third Pregnancy at month 5...

~ Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 7:43 AM ~

Ladies and gentlemen, we are cruising into the 5th month+ of my third pregnancy now! I realised I did not blogged much about this pregnancy, compared to my previous one which I blogged religiously every month. But that is because with this pregnancy, I didn't see our gynae every month for check up. Anyway here goes the update:


So-so, depends on what foods are being served. Some foods that I used to love eating (like eggs) are still a turn-off for me. Tofu, potato are OK on the other hand. My all-time favorite fast food, good ol' McDonalds are still OK at this stage. My passion for sweet chocolate-y stuff just came back a week ago so yeahhhhh....


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I have not been gaining weight at all! I remembered experiencing the same thing with my 1st pregnancy until my gynae had to force me to drink UHT full cream milk EVERYDAY. I am doing that since 20th May and in 4 days, have gained 2kgs already (I'm now at 47kg). Basically if I eat something now, I go to 47kg, else 46kg...


My first (and only so far!) check-up with gynae was when I was at 10 weeks pregnancy and because I was kinda lazy to be lugging 2 kiddos along every month to the hospital for my check-ups, have negotiated with my gynae to cut down my check-ups. My next one was supposed to be at 28 weeks pregnancy but I have earlier on 20th May 2013 called up my gynae to schedule an additional check-up just to be safe and make sure baby is growing normally (due to my initial concerns of not gaining weight)


My tummy at the beginning of 5th month is really not that visible - picture below taken on 4th May 2013 when we went for a day trip at the KL Bird Park.

And picture below taken the day after, 5th May 2013 right after I exercised my rights as a Malaysian citizen! Our 13th General Election! My bump wasn't that noticeable as nobody let me cut queues as I waited in line for my turn to cast my vote -____-


Yes, like what I did with Benjamin when I was pregnant with Alyson, I nursed him throughout the pregnancy. This round? Same. I think my milk has dried up few weeks back but like her brother, Alyson does not seem to be bothered and continued to comfort dry suckling from me whenever she wants and before her sleeptime.


Yes, I started feeling the tiny flutters in my tummy at month 4 actually and have been using Babyplus gadget 2 weeks ago twice a day (9am and 9pm) and the kicks are getting stronger everyday.

So there you go, updates as at 5 months+ pregnancy... have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

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Miki Chua

envy~~ iwould had put on 8kg by now Tong

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Don't envy leh... if baby is growing okay la... I worried baby not growing leh... so far just 2kg...

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