Third Pregnancy at month 7...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 7:38 AM ~

This post is to journal down the 7th month+ of my third pregnancy now! I realised I did not blogged much about this pregnancy, compared to my previous one which I blogged religiously every month. So far we are back to going for monthly check ups with our gynae. Anyway here goes the update:


Sweet sugary stuff rages on but trying very hard to control as gynae advised to continue monitor glucose level every week.


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My weight at this month (week 30 to be exact) is 52.5kg, that makes it an increase of 7.5kg since I got pregnant, okay, so far so good, weight is bouncing back!


Gynae revealed baby is a girl! So we are going to have another ninja girl I guess! Everything is normal with the check up though gynae did mentioned my amniotic fluid is a bit low, 9.3. He said not too concerned as long as baby's kicking and movement are active.The gynae initially suggested that I should rest more and not work too hard, but hubby and I looked back at gynae and pointing to our 2 kiddos, saying 'These 2 kiddos are my work. Can't rest more at home since I'm a SAHM'. Gynae went speechless and just smiled... sigh...

I was also given a fetal kick count chart to monitor daily from 9am, to note down end time once I reached 10 kicks from baby. As for self monitoring of glucose level, gynae said can do step monitoring or once a fortnight since my glucose level is controlled and normal. I also had to do a blood test this round, results will be known in my next check-up.


Yes, like what I did with Benjamin when I was pregnant with Alyson, I nursed him throughout the pregnancy. This round? Same. I think my colostrum is back as I noticed Alyson's diaper is a tad heavy lately after her night time sleep.


Baby movement very very active especially past midnight. I keep forgetting to monitor the fetal kick count from 9am sigh....

So there you go, updates as at 7 months+ pregnancy... have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

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Congratulations! It's great that another angel on her way to youSmile

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