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~ Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 7:08 AM ~

Early July this year, I received an email pitch asking whether I would be interested to review an upcoming diaper brand in Malaysia market. I was thinking 'Wow! To be the early batch of mums to review this diaper brand? Sure why not?!' and after a few emails exchanges to firm up the details (and I also helped share out the pitch to other interested bloggers who wanted to try out the diapers as well for their kiddos) I received our full pack Merries Baby Diaper size L for my ninja girl.

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Description from the product page:
"Pamper your little ones with tender loving care and attention with Merries, Japan’s No.1*. Merries is a joy to wear, keeping baby comfortable and happy. Happy baby , Smiling mummy. Be a proud mum and celebrate with Merries, 100% made and imported from Japan. With its superb absorbency, exceptional breathability & ultra softness, Merries provides the dryness and comfort that your baby's delicate skin needs. These are what makes Merries a joy to wear! Merries baby diaper ~ Always Gentle To Your Baby’s Skin "

I'm a full-time mummyOur 4 years old boy is definitely not trying this diaper out since he has been fully potty trained (yay!) so, the review this round will be experimented by our ninja girl :)  

** Feedback on PACKAGING: We received the full pack of Merries Baby Diaper Pants L size (RM45.00 for 27 pieces) for our review. I love the packaging and the convenient plastic handles on the diaper pack which is easy to carry around. I can easily open up the diaper pack through the top side slit (instead of usually tearing a long lines for our current diaper brands used on our girl)

** Feedback on PRODUCT FEATURES: I took out 1 piece of Merries Baby Diaper and immediately checked out the features. It's light and compact and I also did a stretch test on the elastic around the waist line and the sides (both legs). The elastic are soft to the touch and can stretch quite far.

There is also a blue colored tape which can be found at the back of the diaper pants which I initially thought the tape is in case we want to stick the diaper pants to our kiddo's pants/dress. But turns out, you open up the tape and you can actually use it to wrap around your rolled up used diaper pants before disposing it to the bin. Very nice!

I also like the yellow line indicator (starting from the front crotch area all the way to the back) which will turn to green color to indicate that it is time to change the diaper. I don't rely on the indicator much as I prefer the touch test (if I squeeze the diaper and it is heavy or stays pressed after touch, it means time to change!) but I do like this feature as I think my hubby and MIL or whoever who has to take care of our girl if I'm not around at the moment will appreciate this feature.

I also like the seams at the sides of the diaper pants which we can easily just tear off prior to disposing the used diaper. Very convenient indeed! The elastic around the legs part are stretchy and not tight, it does not leave any marks around my girl's thighs after used but yet, it hugs my girl's thighs comfortably and no leakage at all.

** Feedback on EASE OF USE: I wanted to take pictures of how I put on the Merries Baby Diaper pants on our girl but she was faster! Very excited with new things I guess! So I snapped the pictures of our girl trying to wear the diaper pants instead! See, even an almost 2 years old could easily wear the diaper pants! 

** Feedback on COMFORT & USABILITY: I let our ninja girl wear the diaper pants as it is just to test whether it lasts long with her being so hyperactive all day long. There are no restrictions or hindrances to our ninja's movements at all while she wears the diaper pants and goes about her ninja activities.

** Feedback on DISPOSAL: As mentioned above, I like the yellow line indicator (starting from the front crotch area all the way to the back) which will turn to green color to indicate that it is time to change the diaper. To change the used diaper, I just tear off the side seams (very easy), fold and roll up the diaper as compact as I can and use the blue tipped tape at the back of the diaper to secure the used diaper before disposing it into a dustbin.

** MY FEEDBACK IN SUMMARY: This diaper is good, lightweight and I love the soft comfy material. The fact that is has very good absorbency and the material allows for breathability for our kiddo's skin is a definite plus too.

I am definitely going to let my girl wear this diaper pants especially during family outing as I think it would be easier to change her out of the used diaper by just getting her to stand still and all I need to do is to tear off the sides seam and pulled off the diaper pants. Currently with the tape type of diaper we used for our girl, we need to get her to lie down to properly secure the tape diaper on her, although I have mastered the skills of putting a tape diaper on our girl while she stood, it is still far easier to get her to wear a diaper pants since there is no need to adjust the sides around the diapers compared to tape diaper.

I have some mummy friends who praise this brand and even went to Singapore just to purchase this diaper as it was not available in Malaysia market then. They are excited to know this brand is coming into Malaysia market and was hoping that the price would be affordable and competitive with the other brands in the local market as they really really love this brand!

I'm a full-time mummy

Available in tape type for newborns (NB) and S size, and pants type in M, L and XL, Merries will be exclusively distributed at selective outlets within the AEON group. The recommended retail price range is between RM25.00 and RM45.00. You can get more info from

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the product in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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