Get Protected When Travelling

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 10:30 AM ~

Do you like to travel? Or perhaps do you travel often? I think by now you would have heard of the term 'travel insurance'.

For me, the first time I heard of this is when I started working. My ex-company was arranging for their annual company trip and all staff in the company were required to register and sign up for the travel insurance. I was initially thinking 'How can insurance work for me when I'm overseas?' and then I found out that having a travel insurance means I am protected wherever I am, whether I am caught in an accident, injury, illnesses, hey, even hijacking! No kidding!

When I had the chance to travel to Sydney for 10 days back in 2006 with my hubby (then boyfriend), we made sure we bought our aussie travel cover so that our travel will be smooth-free and stress-free too!

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Some people would argue that it is a waste of money to purchase travel insurance as it only works during your travel period and once your travel ends, the insurance coverage ends too. Sure, but what if something happens during your trip and you are stuck in a foreign country with nobody to help you out at that time? Or you get into an accident and had to be hospitalised? Or food poisoning?

I mean, why get yourself stressed out then when you can have yourself and your travelling experience protected just by spending a little bit extra to make sure of that? Think about it!

Do you get travel insurance when you travel?

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