Teaching & Learning Moment - Identifying Vegetables or Fruits

~ Posted on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 7:33 AM ~

As a parent concerned with our kiddos' educational and learning progress, I would often scout for worksheets, printables and games that I can print out for our kiddos, and yet at the same time be an educational tools for them as well. When I source for these materials, I always look for the following criterias:

- Cute and yet realistic illustrations
- Has teaching and learning potential
- Has potential to be reused for younger children (I have 3 kiddos so I want to make sure all 3 kiddos will be able to use it again and again)

For today's post, I am sharing this fun and cute printables I got online. In this printable, the child will need to determine if that item is a fruit or a vegetable and place it into the correct basket.

What I did was:

1. Print out the pages with the baskets (1 for Fruit and 1 for Vegetables) and also the related fruits and vegetables images.
2. Laminate the printed pages and cut out the fruits and vegetables images accordingly.
3. Cut out some recycled plastic pouch to the size of the baskets and placed double sided tape at the sides and bottom of the baskets, leaving the top side untape (so that child can insert the fruits and vegetables according to the correct baskets).

** You may find that what I did differs from the actual instructions stated in the worksheet/printable but that is mainly because I love to reuse things so I will laminate the materials we used for our kiddos.

Teaching & Learning Moment

How we use this printable:

- I asked our kiddos what is the name of the fruits and vegetables or I asked them to find the fruits or vegetables 
- I then asked kiddos to tell me whether it is fruits or vegetables
- I get kiddos to put in the fruits or vegetables into the correct basket
- Other teaching ideas: Can also use this to teach colors, shapes, sizes and counting.

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