My Thoughts on Headphones

~ Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 at 6:00 PM ~

I've seen my husband using quite a number of headphones over the past few years. Even so, they don't last for a long time and he is still looking for a good reliable one to use in his personal office room. In my personal opinion, the headphones that are out on the market should be designed to withstand the test of time as they are one of the most often use gadget at home nowadays.

Based on my research over the Internet, some of the tips for buying these gadgets include:

* What will you be using them for? Will it be for indoor use or you will be wearing them in outdoor as well?

* Do some research online as well as check out forums and asking around to get a sense for the price ranges on models that most appeal to your needs.

* Style as in do you like over-ear type (also called circumaural which cups over your ears, sealing in sound and muffling ambient noise) or on-ear type (also called supra-aural which are lighter and do not press on the sides of your head) or in-ear type? Some people may not be comfortable having the earbuds settled in their ears. If possible try out the different types to get a better feel.

* Noise cancellation feature should be considered especially if you plan to use for long commutes.

* Wireless feature is another feature to be considered for people who want flexibility and do a lot of listening on-the-go. It is now increasingly common and typically uses Radio Frequency, infrared or Bluetooth wireless technologies.

* The product brand and style is something you should look into as well if you are concerned with the reputation of the products you use.

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Sponsored Video: Lifebuoy - Tree Of Life - Malaysia

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 10:00 PM ~

Do you know that every year, 2 million children under the age of 5 die of infections like diarrhoea and pneumonia? That is quite a scary statistic! 2 million deaths in a year!! And do you know what is worse? What is worse is that a lot of these deaths can be prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap. Yes, washing hands with soap!

Handwashing is an easy way to prevent infection and it is just like a DIY vaccine — it involves a few simple yet effective steps: Wet your hands, Lather the soap, Scrub your hands, Rinse your hands and finally Drying your hands.

I'm a full-time mummy

As the world’s leading health soap, Lifebuoy aims to make a difference by creating accessible hygiene products (soap) and promoting healthy hygiene habits.  With this in mind, Lifebuoy aims to change the handwashing behaviour of 1 billion people by 2015 and in the last 4 years, Lifebuoy soap has reached 183 million people to teach them about the healthy hand washing habits.


Go watch this video story of Utari and her strange affection for a tree. A story of love, longing and loss below:

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Modern Day Pressures on Family Life

~ Posted on Friday, March 7, 2014 at 8:08 AM ~

People’s lives have changed immeasurably over the course of the last 50 years. Modern day pressures can take their toll on relationships and leave you feeling as though you have nowhere to turn. While it is self-evident that the vast majority of us in the western world no longer experience the levels of poverty that our parents and grandparents did, there are now different burdens that can affect our home life. Just because we are financially better off than previous generations doesn’t mean that we are richer in every aspect of our lives.

Many of us now face a different type of financial worry, one of keeping up. The need to maintain our lifestyles by working longer and longer hours, often by both parents, can place an enormous strain on a relationship. Couple this with the physical stresses placed upon our bodies as we neglect our health by not doing enough exercise or getting enough sleep, and it is easy to see why our patience with each other can sometimes wear a little thin. What are we to do when our intolerance of each other reaches a point where a decision has to be made about our family’s future?

Although it may be stating the obvious, divorce is never an easy time for children, so even if you feel that you can no longer carry on as things are at the moment it is prudent to look at how your next step will affect your family. This, however, is where the subject becomes tricky. As with so many things in life, it really does come down to individual circumstances. Each relationship needs to be carefully judged on its own merits. Nobody is better equipped to make the right decision about your family’s future than you. So, while advice will no doubt be in abundance, it should always be your sole decision as to how you proceed.

Either staying together or getting a divorce can work out, there really is nothing set in stone to say that one is right and the other is wrong. There are many couples that have stayed together just for the sake of the kids that have gone on to rediscover their love for each other and have stayed married long after the children have left. Equally there are others that have gone their separate ways and got a divorce, only to re-marry a decade later. Many have found true happiness by making a fresh start without their other half; there are no hard and fast rules.

Your main focus should be the well-being of your children. They may be small, but children are not stupid. Even if you think you are hiding things well, we all have our built in instincts that have been finely tuned to pick up on the slightest hint of something not being quite right. So, make sure that your decision includes them and do what is right for your whole family, not just for you. They’ll thank you for it later.