Finding a Maternity Swimwear

~ Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 12:05 AM ~

Sigh, ever since we found out we are expecting our third child in October this year, we have cut down a lot of family trips to our current health club. We used to go there few times a month, to swim with our kiddos and just let them enjoy the children pool and let our kiddos float and practise their swimming in the adult pool with hubby guiding them. Me? Mostly I just stepped into the pool to enjoy the cool water as I do not know how to swim, but that does not stop me at all from entering the water despite my fear and not knowing how to swim.

But I can't squeeze into my swimwear anymore. So the few times that we do go to a swimming pool, I ended up sitting, resting with a book or my iPad mini and look after our belongings at the table and just let my hubby enjoy with our kiddos in the pool. But there are times I wished I could join my family in the swimming pool. Enjoy the cool water and just float around.

I have been searching for a comfortable and flexible swimwear that caters for maternity purposes but not able to find the right ones. Most of the retail shops here sell normal swimwear which caters for non-pregnant woman. Sigh, sigh, sigh... I wished the retail shops here could stock up more choices of maternity swimwear! Something that looks like this:

Maternity Swimwear
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I am pretty conservative hence bikinis are a no-no for me at this pregnant stage, so a swimsuit with design like the above suits me well! I like the V-neck design as that allows me to still comfort nurse our 22 months old girl (yes, I am pregnant and yes, I still breastfeed our child). I like the ruched sides pattern on this swimwear as well and it also grows as your belly grows! Love this design!

What about you? What do you look for in a maternity swimwear?

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What to Know When Shopping in Charity Shops

~ Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 11:23 PM ~

The recent economic crisis has meant we’ve all had to tighten our purse strings. Shopping in charity shops is a brilliant solution to saving pennies when you need to update your wardrobe. The work of second-hand shops raises millions of pounds for good causes each year not only providing much needed funds for not-for-profits but also playing a major role in recycling of second-hand goods.

Today almost anything can be bought in charity shops, from clothes to old computers, DVDs to home furnishings. Donating old belongings to these shops is a really simple way to get rid of unwanted clutter that may be of use to others, helping them make cash for clothing and other goods and continue their charitable work.

Unlike purchasing from a high street store, charity shop prices vary from day-to-day, garment-to-garment. The pricing is based on many things. Firstly the location of the charity shop will play an important part. A pair of branded jeans for sale in Oxfam in London will be more expensive than a pair of jeans in an Oxfam in a small Northern town. The condition is the next important factor, along with the price of the item when it was sold new. You can expect to find bargains in charity shops, but volunteers are well aware of the value of designer and top-quality brand goods, so you will still have to pay a good price to get your hands on these items.

The internet has made it easier for charity shop volunteers to get prices more accurate too, as a quick web search will bring up new prices or the typical bids for similar second-hand items on auction sites. You used to be able to hunt down extremely cheap but valuable antiques in charity shops, however charity shop workers are now able to find out exactly how much an old vase or teapot be worth to a collector.

When you buy second-hand items from a charity shop, you have certain different rights to when you buy new. Goods are usually sold ‘as seen’ so you have a responsibility to check products carefully for any damage or imperfections that you are not happy with. You may not be able to return goods, but if you do you are likely to be given a credit note from the shop rather a cash refund. Always keep the receipt and return the items as soon as possible.

If you do buy brand new goods from a charity-shop, then you have the same rights as if you were to buy new from another shop which is run for profit. If the item is faulty or damaged you are entitled to a cash refund.

When you wish to donate your own second-hand items, each shop will have its own donation process. Many will accept boxes and bags of goods at the counter, or enable you to leave goods outside the premises overnight, and some may also provide free collection of large, heavy items of furniture like sofas or appliances such as fridges.

Need to get away? Why not go for a family holiday trip?

~ Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 1:04 AM ~

It is still the school holidays season here in Malaysia, and yes, even though I'm a stay-at-home mum and our 2 kiddos are not at the school-going age at the moment, I do feel the need to go for a short getaway, a trip for the family you know?

As a stay-at-home mum, one of the things I look forward to is taking a short break from home, to be away with my family on a holiday, just relaxing and not being cooped up in the house. And what more now that I've started teaching my 4 years old boy and we are pretty much at home most of the time. All the more reasons we should pack up and go for a nice little getaway!

And because of the school holidays season, I've been seeing posts shared by friends and ex-colleagues about them enjoying some family fun on summer holidays, with pictures posted on Facebook, Seoul, UK, United States, Bali, Hong Kong, and many many more! Arghh.. total envy, envy!

Just in case you are wondering why don't I do something about this since I badly wanted a holiday, well, I did purchased some travel vouchers few months back with the intention to have my small family of four enjoying a weekend breaks for everyone at a historical town about few hours traveling distance by car.

We normally go to family-friendly and near to the places of interests particularly beach area and with lots of good places with delicious food to eat but this time, I decided on going to a historical city with tons of delicious foods to try out and there is a nice little swimming pool in the hotel that our kids can go to with their daddy to have some kiddy-fun time, but as for this going to be heavily pregnant mummy, I am very much looking forward to eat all the yummy foods I can find!

Sadly, I have yet to be able to find the right weekend to redeem the travel vouchers as of now. It's either hubby's schedule is too packed, or we have church classes and doctor's appointment for the kids and myself (for my preggy bump!). I do hope to be able to redeem the vouchers by July this year, since I'm due to deliver our third child in September 2013!

What about you? Do you have any family holiday trip?

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