Fancy Prom Dresses

~ Posted on Friday, January 10, 2014 at 3:38 PM ~

I never have the opportunity to wear a prom dress in my life. No prom nights in high school, not in college either (that's because I only attended college a year before I had my first IT job) So whenever I watch any TV shows where the girls get to choose and wear their beautiful prom dresses, I would imagine how nice it would be to look princes-sy and gorgeous - even just for a night.

If I have the chance, I would go for something frilly, but definitely floor length dress (like a princess of course!) and if can, in my favorite purple color! I'd choose this design shown below:

Now I don't have experience in wearing a prom dress but I would think getting one is similar with how you buy your clothing. Things to consider when getting  a prom dress are:

Comfort : You MUST try on your dress before deciding on it. Even though you are wearing it for a few hours, you still should feel comfortable wearing it. You don't want to be pulling or tugging at your dress or frantically look for a safety pin when there's any unforeseen issues.

Style : It's a once in a bluemoon event, of course you would want to look your prettiest and yet still in style! I would think best to research for the current fashion style as one of the factors in deciding on your prom dress!

Return Policies : I don't think we would want to keep the dress right? So, be sure to check out the return policies of the dress such as when you have to return it, whether you can get full refund or so on.

Accessories : Remember to consider the accessories that can go along with your prom dress. Jewelry, undergarments and so on are some of the essentials that you must remember!

Mind sharing what is your prom dress style?

** Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and words are 100 % my own.

Looking For Cute Kids Clothing?

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 11:19 PM ~

As a mummy of 2 kiddos (okay, 3rd one coming in 2 months time), we are thankful that a lot of our kiddos' clothing are hand-me-downs from our siblings in law. But yes, I do from time to time look and buy cute clothing for my kiddos. Be it buying online or direct from the retail shops, my criteria when I look for my kiddos' clothing are:

* Comfort - Does my kid looks and feel comfortable wearing the clothing? (Hard to decide if purchasing online but the general rule is getting cotton type of clothing)

* Price - Are they worth the selling price? Can I get this cheaper elsewhere?

* Durability - How long will this clothing last? Will I be able to hand it down to our next child?

* Functionality - Can I mix and match the clothing with other clothes that my kiddos have?

Looking at the new range of Monnalisa dresses, I can't help but fall in love with some of the cute dresses they have! Look at this:

Isn't it adorable? I like that you can wear it as a dress and if your child outgrows the dress (or grow too tall) you can always pair the dress top with a pants! Longer lasting option!

I bet it goes well with the cute strawberry ribbon hair clip that I DIY myself today!

So what are your criterias when it comes to buying clothing for your kiddos?

First Time Buyer Homeware Essentials

~ Posted on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 4:40 PM ~

Buying your first home is an amazing, challenging, exciting and often-exhausting experience. Sometimes the mountain of paperwork and endless phone calls to solicitors can make it tricky to remember that at the end of it all you will be in possession of your very first home and there are many preparations to make before you move in. If you are moving in directly from your parents home, then you'll be surprised at how many of their home comforts you take for granted. If you are moving from a shared or rented accommodation then the chances are you'll have more of an idea what you're likely to need.
When you are a child you sit down to a cooked meal at the family table, enjoy a delicious range of tasty food and have a fairly endless supply of snacks. But someone is working hard behind the scenes to make sure you have all of this, as you'll discover when you buy your own property.
Kitchen essentials
Ask anyone what the most important thing is in their kitchen and kitchen kettle is most likely to be the top answer. You will also need saucepans, cooking implements, crockery, glasses, cutlery, a toaster and a microwave. Don't forget the extras like a tin opener, vegetable peeler, corkscrew, oven gloves, measuring jug and chopping boards. Depending on the size of your kitchen you will also need to think about furniture such as chairs and a table.
Living room must-haves
The most obvious thing in your living room is some comfortable furniture. You'll probably want a few bookshelves too and maybe a coffee table and some soft-lighting lamps. Most people keep their television and DVD player in their living room, so you'll need a TV stand. Don't forget the finishing touches, such as curtains, cushions, pictures, plants and candles.
Bedroom basics
Yes it goes without saying you need a bed. But you'll also need bedding, pillows, a wardrobe and chest of drawers, a bedside table and lamp and a dressing table. A full-length mirror is also great in your bedroom to check your outfit before you leave the house!
Bathroom bits and bobs
Some fittings might already be there, but you'll need a towel rack, toilet roll holder, toilet brush, bathroom mat and a shower curtain if you have a shower.
White goods
Again, some houses are sold with white goods, others are completely bare. You will need to think about a washing machine, fridge freezer and maybe a dishwasher and tumble dryer.
Anything else?
It's always a good idea to have a tool set, a first aid kit, a set of stepladders and plenty of cleaning products and equipment. If you have a garden, you'll need a lawnmower, rake, trowel and spade. Don't forget the ironing – get yourself an iron and ironing board, too.
Sounds like a lot of stuff, but setting up home is a big deal and it's worth getting it right. You don't need to spend too much, but make sure you have these essentials to get you started.