Nursing Uniforms...

~ Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 8:22 AM ~

When I was young, I have never joined any extracurricular societies or clubs in schools that requires its members to wear special uniforms. Why? I came from an average income family, my mum is a SAHM and our family of 4 (dad, mum, my elder brother and myself) depended on dad's income (he was an electrician then) to survive. So, to fork out money to buy the uniforms and shoes and all are considered unneccessary. I have steered clear of clubs and societies like this even when I went to high school.

But that does not mean I have a negative perception towards uniforms or anyone wearing it in their profession. My dad, though he was an electrician, wears a special uniform provided by his company and everytime I see him in that uniform, I can't help but feel a sense of pride that he's special and different from other blue-collared working class people.

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I can also recalled my first encounter with people in uniform (other than my dad) was the nurses in my primary school. Back then, those nurses wore white dresses with a small little cap on their head. Those uniforms don't look like cheap nursing uniform to me back then.

Of course nowadays, with all the technology to mass produce and the creativity of people to design more varieties of uniforms (be it material or color), we can easily find uniforms everywhere. Even small businesses are resorting to having their own company uniforms as a sense of company identity and to look more professional.

Look at this Printed top uniform for instance. Would you have thought it is a nursing uniform? It looks pretty cool and pretty to me!

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What are your thoughts about uniforms (be it to wear at school or at work)?

Is it necessary and important?

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What About Lamps?

~ Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 9:13 PM ~

What comes to your mind when you think or see a lamp? For me, I think of it lighting up the darkness around us and bringing hope and sense of comfort.

We don't have any Traditional lamps (aka floor lamps) in our house as we have a very active and curious toddler around the house but I like seeing these lamps in other people houses. My brother in law has a couple of floor lamps which I think complements his house nicely and adds a nice artistic touch to the rooms. Look at the picture below, wouldn't it look great to have one in your house?

* Image taken from 1001 Floor

And talking about lamps, there is also the Bedside table lamp types. Again, sad to say, we don't have one in our room, not sure why. But if we are ever to get one, I think I'll go for something like the picture below. I like the aqua colored base of the table lamp and it looks artsy and unique too!

* Image of Aqua Glass Wave Table Lamp taken from 1001 Table

What about you? What sort of lamps do you like?

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Mirror, Mirror...

~ Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 9:08 PM ~

Oh the classic line of "Mirror, mirror on the wall / Who in the land is fairest of all?" came to mind when I think of mirror... or when I happened to look into one.

With so many types and designs available on mirrors nowadays, it's by no mean an easy task to choose one that fits your style and purpose of owning one. I personally feel that getting a mirror requires proper planning and decision making - for example: whether it fulfils the purpose and how it is going to complement the look of your room.

I think one of the most commonly owned mirrors is the decorative vanity mirrors. To me, I feel that a great vanity mirror is one that is functional, practical and beautiful all at once. I would personally go for something simpler in style, and yet look classy and unique at the same time. I mean, look at the vanity mirror shown below! I would stop few times not only to check my reflection, but just to admire the design and the mirror's artwork too!

* Image taken from Vanity Mirror

And then how about full length floor mirrors? This type of mirrors not only complements and enhances the outlook of a room, it also does wonder with the interior design of a room as well. Placed appropriately, it might help enhance the lighting in a room and also makes objects in the room appear larger. Wouldn't you want to own a floor mirror like this?

* Image taken from Floor Mirrors

So what about you? What type of mirrors do you like and do you think they are important?

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