Rear Facing Car Seats For My Children...

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Ever since we became a parent in March 2009, a lot of things have to be thought carefully to include the consideration and safety of our children. One such aspect is when we travel in our car. We make it a habit to place our children in a car seat since they are young so that they are used to the idea of being strapped safely in their car seat

Before my hubby bought his current second hand Nissan Sentra car in March last year, we had to rely on our trusty 11 year old Proton Iswara car and our rear facing car seat can only be placed at the front passenger seat... which is VERY DANGEROUS! Firstly, putting a child's car seat at the front is dangerous enough, and then placing it at the passenger side added to the danger risk as well. Of course we are definitely aware of this risks hence hubby worked hard to save and at the same time, we scout for another car with better safety features and one that can accommodate our growing family.

In March 2011, we finally bought our second car (a 5 year old second-hand) Nissan Sentra and yes, this time we are able to place our infant child seat at the back seat. You have no idea how relieved hubby and I were to be able to do this now!

Rear Facing Car Seat

Rear Facing Car Seat

Pictures above of Alyson then at 4 months old taken in January 2012 as we went to Genting Highlands for our short family getaway. As for our first child who outgrew the infant car seat, we got a bigger car seat for him which can be a rear facing or front facing car seat.

Rear Facing Car Seat

Just few days ago, hubby was telling me we should ensure that our children's car seats be rear facing as long as possible. He shared with me a video he watched about the impact to a child during accident for rear-facing and front-facing car seats and based on the research and facts presented, it is worrying to know the risks of not placing our children in rear-facing car seats.

To sum up some of the facts I read online,

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In summary, with all these looming risks and dangers of not putting our children in rear-facing car seats, the more we are determined to make sure they stay as long as they can in it! And what does my 10 months old girl got to say about rear-facing car seats?

Rear Facing Car Seat

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Website Review -

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I recently had the opportunity to review this wonderful website which offers much more than job opportunities. I have to confess from time to time, I do check out websites like this, trying to find out whether there are any ways I can earn some side income while still remain as a SAHM to my 2 cheeky kids. So here goes my review for the website:

I'm a full-time mummy

Description from the product page:

"We work with hundreds of employers - from large corporate firms to small businesses, and have a large database of professional women seeking work in a wide variety of fields. Candidates register for free and can file their CVs, whilst employers pay a small fee to post their job on the site and contact candidates who match their requirements. There are also fantastic opportunities for employers to promote their brand, and their flexible working policies. also offers much more than job opportunities. Mums can also search for small business and self-employed opportunities in our Business-Zone and Franchise-Zone, where franchisors can seek to expand their brand by reaching thousands of potential franchisees. We also offer advice, news and working mums' blogs, in order to share news, views, experiences and information with working mums everywhere."

I'm a full-time mummy

I think this website is awesome as it connects women (such as us mums!) with opportunities to earn side income either by self-employed or small business opportunities or franchising options.

Not only that, this website is packed with tips and advice, and there are avenues to share news, opinions, experiences and information with working mums as well! Why don't I see this type of websites in Malaysia?!

As for the layout and navigation aspect of this website, I'll have to say I am satisfied with them and find it easy to navigate around and finding information I wanted. For example, to satisfy my curiosity, I tried searching for available jobs (to see what are the cool jobs being offered in the UK market) and I am happy to see the jobs offered being filtered by the working pattern (whether full or part time), contract type (such as permanent, temporary, etc), location, sectors and many more.

One thing I would recommend is for the company to include job opportunities to people from overseas (like me!) as well. For example job which only requires online presence such as filling up surveys, data entry etc will definitely attract more job seekers (like me!) and bring a win-win situation to all parties.

If you want to know more, check out

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I Was The Person Being Admired....

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I just came across an old post of mine, written almost 2 years ago on how I was the subject of an essay written by my hubby's niece. To be exact, I was the person she admired! Oh wow!

You see what happened was, 2 years ago, we've been having our then 11 year old niece (her name is Bonnie) over at our place after school where she normally plays with my then 1 year old Ben or just relaxing until her father picks her up in the evening.

So about a week into that, she brought along her homework, which is to write a short essay about the person she admires and after deciding between hubby and I, she decided to settle on me! Since I'm practically at home and easy for her to refer and ask questions to, we went ahead with her idea and I helped her along by giving her  more details about myself, such as my age, why I'm a SAHM now and am taking care of Ben full-time.

She wrote the rest of the essay and when she's done, I asked her whether I could read it. I also couldn't resist taking pictures of her essays cos it's the only proof I'm going to have that I am the person she admires since she will need to hand in her homework!

The most gentle person she knows? Me?!! Awwwwwww...

And honestly though it may feel like it's one of those Best Custom Essay ever written (since I helped giving some input about my details to her), it's so nice reading something that other people wrote about you. And particularly since it came from a child as children don't lie and what comes out of their mouth is total innocence and has no ulterior motives or whatsoever.

What a nice little trip down the memory lane and a little something to perk me up!

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