Reminiscing My Journey Into AS/400 World...

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 1:44 AM ~

I started my IT career in the world of AS/400 (now known as iSeries) by attending what I would think as a Premiere pro classes in 2000. One of a kind unique type of classes back then.

I remembered the first time I saw the advertisement posting on the AS/400 programming classes, I immediately enrolled myself in the one month course that teaches and equips fresh graduates with basic AS/400 programming skills.

I felt that it was an opportunity in a lifetime to enrol in this programming classes as back then, there are very high demand of people who are knowledgeable in AS/400 programming and there is only a handful of colleges and universities in my country that offers the subject.

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After completing the course, I was then send off to work in IT projects at client's site and my programming skills improved from there onwards as I also get to learn more on the job.

Until today, I believe my decision to attend this training gives me an added advantage over the other graduates as there are no longer colleges or universities offering this programming subjects. I really felt blessed at being able to learn so much and have a strong foundation in AS/400.

Who knows, one day when I decided to go back into the working world, I might be able to be a trainer and conduct classes in AS/400 programming huh?

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Striving for Better Health and Fitness

~ Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 6:11 PM ~

On a few occasions, we have tagged along with one of my sister in law and her family when they went to their thrice weekly club outings.

Hubby and I will be wearing our swimsuits underneath our casual wear while I changed Benjamin and Alyson when we are at the club. There we would be playing in the swimming pools and kiddy pools for a few hours and head off to have dinner before going home.

We find that these outings are beneficial to our family as we could strive for our better health and fitness while Ben can spend time and bonds with his cousins as well. We also realized Ben gains more confidence in swimming by himself more and more often nowadays!

Prior to being married and having kids, I used to think all this memberships to clubs are very expensive and only the rich people can afford to subscribe to be a member and used the facilities there, but now, having been to one and see for myself all the facilities provided and the amenities which benefits us, hubby and I are seriously considering applying to be members to this club we frequently go to.

Hubby wanted to make use of the Gym facilities there to keep fit and tone back his body size and weight while I think the kids and myself would most probably be using the swimming pools facilities if we are there.

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There are other amenities provided such as badminton courts, squash, tennis even golf course but I think for our current family size and condition now, gym and swimming pools are the best fit for us now.

On our part, hubby thinks that rather than paying extra to subscribe for another TV package (for children's channel for Ben to watch), why not get memberships to this club instead? That way, the whole family can go and exercise and have fun! Plus, it is also cool that we can invite other friends and family members along as well (they do need to pay for their admission but charges are lower).

My sister in law even suggested that in future I could invite my SAHM friends over and let the kids enjoy and play in the swimming pool while we mummies just sit at the pool side, watching over our kids and chatting and just relax. What a great idea to consider in future! Hmmmmm!!!

So yes, we are in the process of seriously considering this and I think this plan will benefit us in the long run if we are committed to using the facilities and going to the club for our better health and fitness! Will update you guys on this when it happens!

What about you? Are you a member of any health/sports club in your area?

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My Dream Holiday...

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 9:35 PM ~

As a SAHM, one of the things I look forward to is taking a short break from home, to be away with my family on a holiday. You have no idea how hectic and tiring it is being stuck at home all day, 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! To be able to get away from the house even just for a few days is a blessing really!

Currently, I would check with my husband's work schedule (he has his own IT business) and then plan for our family holidays months in advance, usually a 3 days 2 nights trip and I would book for a hotel stay which is family-friendly and near to the places of interests particularly beach area and with lots of good places with delicious food to eat!

Our most recent family trip during the Mother's Day celebration is more like one of those Hotel breaks, where again was planned few months in advance. But this time it is much more relaxed and other than venturing out for food, we practically spend most of the time in our hotel and at the beach.

I feel the entire trip we had is more of a relaxed manner as we just focus on chilling and spending time enjoying the views and hotel facilities. Despite the short trip, I definitely enjoyed the holiday and look forward for more to come!

Of course, given the chance and in time (surely, need to think positive!), I would like to take a longer break and perhaps go for overseas holiday. I chanced upon this website with details on City breaks in the UK which seems very interesting! I have some friends staying in UK and I would like to make UK one of the places to visit in future (apart from Hong Kong, Sweden and Italy or Spain perhaps?)

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Back to UK, I have a friend who stays in London and I've not been hearing from him for a long long time. We used to joke about us going there to travel and staying at his place and he even offered to bring us around for sightseeing. Sigh... how I wish that day will come soon! I do miss getting news from him!

With air travel getting more affordable nowadays, I think it will be possible for this plan to materialise one day, provided my kids are older and easier to manage then.

What about you? Do you have any favorite places that you travel to?

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