Pok Chang...

~ Posted on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 8:56 AM ~

The post title might sound weird (especially if you're not Chinese) but this is the name of the pancake dish that I love love love love love the most and have yet to be able to perfect it. My mum used to make this for me when she was alive but sadly and regretfully, I didn't inherit her recipe. I asked my eldest aunt for the recipe and have been trying for years to make this as close as I can get to what I used to taste from my mum's cooking...

I've seen a similar recipe at Food 4 Tots website but my mum's recipe was without sugar and she used butter instead of oil. I can't share the exact measurements for the ingredients as I am still tweaking around and experimenting with the measurements. But all I can say is you will need the following:

- plain flour (I've tried wheat and corn flour)
- eggs
- salt to taste
- Water (if necessary)
- Butter

What I normally did was I mixed the flour and eggs and salt together and prior to frying, I will add a dollop of butter to the pan to oil the surface so that the pancake will not stick onto the pan.

This picture was taken during my latest attempt to make Pok Chang. All I can say is the look is almost exact to my mum's but the taste, not salty enough and the texture, not fluffy and thick enough... sigh... I miss my mum's cookings!

Do you have any memorable dishes that you love?

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Say Cheesecake!

~ Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 9:07 AM ~

I have not been posting about my baking adventure for a few months already! Though of course, I do still use the oven on and off - but more to roast chicken for Ben, or baked some pastry puffs and muffins here and there... Anyway few days back, I attempted my first cake baking recipe!

And as usual, my first attempts in baking stuff will always - always involve premix. Not that I'm lazy, but it's just that I'm not confident enough to measure and use the real ingredients for the first time. After trying for 2-3 times then only I will be brave enough to venture into measuring the proper flour, sugar and etc etc for cake baking process, so for now, premix will have to do... Anyway, without further ado, here goes:



* About 5 minutes to mix & prepare the batter
* 25 minutes for baking process 

Ingredients / Tool Required:

* 225 g cheese cake flour (premix)
* 150 g butter (I used salted butter instead)
* 3 eggs

* A bowl to mix ingredients in
* Kitchen scale
* 8 inch aluminium cake foil
* Baking sheet & paper

What to Do?

 * In a mixing bowl, stir the butter & eggs together for about 6-10 minutes. 
* Add in the cheese cake flour slowly and continue stirring.
* Pour the batter into the aluminium cake foil.


* Set oven to 200℃ and bake for 25 minutes.
Remove from oven to cool on racks.



"Yummy, but kinda sweet!"

"More!" (this was on 2nd day)

"Hmm.. nice! But the top of the cake a bit burnt, should not bake so long, I guess..." 
"Nice, taste like cheesecake, but a bit hard" (this was on 2nd day)

So there you go.... my first attempt of baking a CHEESECAKE! Overall, I think the cheesecake should be eaten on the same day as apparently, when we ate the leftovers on 2nd day, it's kinda hard and dry compared to 1st day. I shall attempt this another round, maybe reducing the baking time (so that it won't be so burnt).

To view my other recipes, feel free to hop over to my Recipe Library page for more info! Brought to you by:  Mama Baker wannabe aka

Toddler Meals (July 11 - 17)

~ Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 12:31 AM ~

Pictures of meals are getting less since quite a number of the meals served to Ben have been featured in previous posts of toddler's meals. Continuing on with Ben's meals for July 11th to 17th...

11 July
Brunch - Oats, grapes, cornflakes
Tea - Oat crackers, mango pudding, soya milk, an apple (I ate most of it whooppss...)
Dinner - Rice, egg, chicken, gravy, soya milk

11 July - Tea
11 July - Dinner

12 July
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, cornflakes
Lunch - Yogurt, pork wanton
Tea - 1 boiled egg, half egg tart, crackers
Dinner - Some fries, half of a boiled egg

13 July
Breakfast - 1 piece of oats biscuit, Oats, grapes, cornflakes
Lunch - Egg and noodle with anchovy stock as soup
Tea - Yogurt
Dinner - Rice, carrots, tofu, 2 mango pudding

13 July ~ Lunch

14 July
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, cornflakes
Lunch - Cheese & omelette, mango pudding
Tea at 5.30pm - My homemade noodle with black sauce, a bottle of Vitagen
Dinner - Jelly, cheese baked rice, mushroom soup

14 July ~ Lunch
14 July ~ Tea

15 July
Breakfast - Pancakes, grapes
Lunch - Some nasi lemak, 1 slice of Cheddar cheese, yogurt
Tea at 6.30pm - Durian jelly, cornflakes, a packet of choc UHT milk
Dinner - Oats, grapes, cornflakes

16 July
Breakfast - Cornflakes, a packet of Milo, a sponge cake
Lunch - Half blueberry cream bun, a bottle of Vitagen, some fried rice
Tea - Marigold jelly
Dinner - Rice, lotus soup with loads of lotus, 1 tube of Japanese tofu (very good appetite!)

17 July
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, cornflakes
Lunch - rice, lotus, durian jelly, barley drink, some cheesecake
Tea - A cup of Marigold mango jelly, a slice of Cheddar cheese
Dinner - Fishball, noodle, tofu, chocolate cake 1 slice, watermelon, banana (very good appetite!)

Btw, just an update on Ben's coughing. He's still coughing though not as bad anymore. I've reduced his medication (previously before every meal 3 times a day) to once a day. Hope he will get well soon!