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I came across this article which I must definitely share with you guys. Do note that sharing this does not mean I agree or disagree with it. Do read up the extra articles right after the post for reference. For your convenience, I have copied the excerpts from the article here:

A quick-thinking nan saved the life of her two-year-old grandson after he nearly choked to death on a grape in front of his terrified parents. Little Jake Jackson's face turned purple as he fought for air after the piece of fruit got stuck in his throat.

Toddler Almost Choked To Death On A Grape

But as he was about to lose consciousness, his grandma Michelle Oakley stuck her fingers down the toddler's throat and cleared his pipes. The lucky escape comes just a few weeks after tragic youngster Jacob Jenkins died after choking on grape in Pizza Hut . The restaurant chain subsequently banned the fruit from all branches across the UK.

Jake Jackson's mum Sophie, 24, said she usually cuts the grapes in half before feeding them to Jake. But her son was sitting on the sofa and grabbed two from his grandfather’s plate before she could dive the two and a half yards to stop him. She said: “Jake sat down on the sofa near my dad he got a couple of grapes and put them in his mouth. “My dad called me straight away and before I got to Jake he was already choking. I immediately put him over my knee and hit his back several times. “It didn't work I put my fingers down his throat, I couldn't feel the grapes. Jake could not breathe. “Jake’s dad Mark grabbed him and started hitting his back while I rang an ambulance. “Jake was blue and purple and had stopped struggling. His arms went down and he just flopped forward.

"I said ‘We need to get it out or he is going to die’. “We could not see the grape at all until Mark compressed Jake’s stomach so my mum could see the grape. “She pinched it with her nails which without doubt saved his life. Mark was still hitting Jake’s back. “My mum’s finger nail popping the grape made the smallest amount of room in Jake’s airway. “He finally had the strength to retch and bring the grape up. "We knew we could beat the ambulance to hospital so we took him in the car. “His ears and cheeks were still purple and the doctor and nurses told me he is extremely lucky to be alive.” 

The lad, who did not even shed a tear during his ordeal, has now made a full recovery but Ms Jackson, of Pitt Street, off Albert Avenue, west Hull, said she was still getting over the shock.

She is warning other parents to be aware of the danger posed by young children swallowing grapes whole. She added: “I am far from a careless parent. "I always cut Jake's grapes. My dad was eating the grapes and Jake grabbed two just being a cheeky two year old. “He put them straight in his mouth before we could do anything. I went straight to Jake but he was already choking.

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