Teaching & Learning Moment - I Say It & You Draw It!

~ Posted on Monday, October 19, 2015 at 6:12 AM ~

Recently I invented a game with our eldest kiddo where I say a theme and he draws out something related to the theme! He was bugging me to tell him what to draw (he normally does this with Lego bricks but this time he wanted to draw something) so out of the blue I just say out a theme and I told him draw something related to the theme.

So I started by telling him 'OCEAN!' and he drew this. A man surfing on very high waves in the ocean with the sunny sun at the background.


Then I told him 'ISLAND!' and he drew this.

I think he got this inspiration from watching the 'Journey 2' movie with the volcano at the background.

Then I told him 'BRAZIL!' and he paused a while.

Then I mentioned 'Brazil or Rio, you know from the 'Rio' movie with the birds and all? Well, it's okay if you can't think of anything to do with Brazil' but a few seconds later, he showed me this. Awesome!

Next one, I told him 'BEACH!' and he drew this.

I asked him why are there 2 people on the beach?

He said, 'No, the left one is Wilson the ball? You know from the movie 'Cast away'? The right one is the uncle who got stranded on the island'. Whoa.... cool cool!

Still in awe with his drawings so far, I decided to make it harder.

I told him 'ANCIENT CHINA!' and he drew this.

The Great Wall of China!

Next one, I told him 'LONDON!' and he drew this.

A very obvious Big Ben, the clock tower can be seen in his drawing.

He asked me what's next, so I told him 'DESERT!' and he drew this.

The Great Pyramid with a man riding a camel and some warning road signs, telling the person not to venture further and that it is dangerous. Nice!

Running out of ideas by now, I told him 'CITY VIEW!' and he drew this.

Some skyscrapers with roads and a big moon in the sky. I love the 'CITY' signs on one of the buildings. Nice touch!

Seriously out of idea by now, so I told him this is the last one, 'WAR!' and he drew this.


Overall, I am very very impressed with his drawings. Just amazing!

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