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~ Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 6:17 AM ~

I have been sharing some of my favorite angpow pieces on an angpow collectors group in Facebook and some members have been telling me to continue sharing my memorable stories and so I thought, why not write it down, that way, our kiddos can read about it when they grow up next time, eh?

For those of you who are not familiar or never heard of the words 'Angpow' (also known as 'ang pau', 'ang pao', 'angpau'), here is a quick definition:

Angpow = Red Packet (filled with cash inside) given during festivals

I have previously shared another kopitiam angpow story but for today's angpow story, it comes from this piece of lovely angpow:

Angpow Story

Looking at this angpow, of course it reminded me of my childhood memories during my kampung holiday time. Every morning, I will wake up at 7-ish and followed my late mum, walked about 5 mins to the pasar pagi (morning market) and we will meet up with my late popo at this kopitiam for breakfast.

I always have the fishball noodle soup while my mum will have her curry noodles with a glass of kopi ping (iced coffee) which I only learned to like this recent few years. On rare occassions I would get to order 2 long slices of steam white bread with butter (not a kaya fan then)

The fishball noodle soup is heavenly. I can never find anything that taste as good as that noodle ever since and still not giving up finding the alternative.

Back to this angpow, looking at the uncle pouring out the hot coffee reminded me of course of my beloved popo. My late popo's breakfast will be a cup of hot coffee with her kuey teow noodle soup. I was always amazed at how my late popo can just drink up her hot coffee from that small cup with that small plastic spoon. She stirred few rounds and brings up the cup and slowly sips and savors the coffee.

From time to time whenever I think back of my kampung days, I can always think back of the memories of walking along the paths towards the pasar pagi, then to the kopitiam and sitting at our usual corner table right behind the noodle stall. The smell, the sight of pasar pagi all around, the sound of people buying and selling... aaahhhhh... money can't buy all these memories....

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