Came across this recall article and decided to share it with you guys!

"Disney Store bosses have issued a recall appeal for around 1,000 Doc McStuffins dragon toys.

 The safety alert came after a parent noticed the ears of the blue dragon could be pulled off by a child. It was sold as part of Disney’s Doc McStuffins Bath Set range.  

Doc McStuffins

Disney has now withdrawn the bath set product from sale and launched an urgent investigation into the potentially lethal fault.

The £12.95 Doc McStuffins Bath Sets went on sale at Disney Store branches across the UK and Europe in January.About 1,000 have been sold online and by stores.

One worried British customer alerted the company after noticing the ears of the dragon character had broken away while their child was playing with it.

Customers who have already bought the toy have been advised to return it to their nearest store where they will get a full refund. Other toys in the McStuffins Bath Set are not affected by the recall, which Disney describes as a “precautionary measure”, and do not need to be returned.

A Disney Store spokesman said: “Whilst the product is compliant with all relevant safety regulations, the safety of families who buy our products is of utmost importance to us. “This is why as a precautionary measure we have taken the decision to instigate a full voluntary recall of this Doc McStuffins Bath Set, sold in Disney Store in Europe. “We are also performing an internal investigation to effect any corrective action necessary. No other merchandise is affected by this recall.”"


Personally, there are risks in everything, so as parents, do give a thorough check before you purchase or hand in any toys to your kiddos. And of course, keep a close eye on them when they play with the toys.


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