Proud of Our Principled Son!

~ Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 7:44 AM ~

Few days ago, I was down with flu, joint pains and diarrhea and was just struggling to get through the day. I had about 4 hours in the morning with our 2 girls while our boy was in his preK. Turned on the TV, loaded up the old Disney shows (Thumbelina and Alice in Wonderland) for our 2.5 years old girl to watch while I rested and nursed our 7 months old girl. Called for food delivery for our lunch and hubby got home around 2pm. He took our older 2 kiddos to his eldest sister house for a few hours so I could rest properly and he even made me rice porridge for dinner.

My SIL Whatsapp us later with pictures of our boy sitting next to her youngest son (10 years old) happily watching him played Minecraft on his iPad, chatting and just having fun with his cousin. A while later she Whatsapp us again telling us the reason why our boy refuses to touch their iPad.

FYI, we've been cutting down the iPad usage for our kiddos, weekends for our 5 years old boy and the occasional use (not more than an hour a day) for our 2.5 years old girl. During the weekdays when Alyson is using the iPad, I told Benjamin that he can have a look but he is not to touch the iPad or use it. And I'm so glad he remembered this and is persistent enough to resist the temptations. I mean, I'm not sure how often you see a kiddo who is able to resist temptation of the things they like?

So yeah, that makes me a very proud mummy!

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