What I did in 2012 that I'm proud of...

~ Posted on Monday, December 31, 2012 at 7:25 AM ~

I wrote some posts about what I did in 2010 and 2011 that I'm proud of so this post is to continue on the 'tradition' for 2012 as well! Here goes (in no particular order):


* Sharing My Tips On Getting Products to Review

I have received a number of emails and comments from my followers asking how I get to review products and apps so I decided to list down my tips and post it on my blog. I'm happy to share that there are some of my blog followers who followed my tips and able to get cool stuff to review on their blog too!

 *  Tandem Nursing!

Tandem nursing at 3 months...

I initially had nursing aversion when we brought Alyson home and Ben started asking for his nen-nen (breastmilk). I wrote a couple of posts on my tandem nursing experience, the struggles and how I cope with it, surviving it, and how it goes along at 3 months after that.

I'm happy to report that we're still tandem nursing though Ben nowadays doesn't really ask for his feeding unless he's in one of his baby mood to play and to get mummy's attention hahaha... but still, since I'm practising the 'Don't offer, don't refuse' method of weaning, as long as he asks, I will be glad to offer to him. Imagine nursing a 46 months old boy and a 16 months old girl, wow! And yes, we are still at zero specks of formula powder in our house since our first child came back from the hospital!

* Continue to help some friends, even strangers in the matters of baby care, breastfeeding and so on

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Yes, even while I am busy with my 2 kids, blogging and doing product reviews, I do spare some time helping my friends, bloggy  pals or strangers. Whatever topics I get asked on, be it breastfeeding, childbirth, pregnancy, baby care, product reviews, making use of blog to earn money, and so on, I am happy and proud to say I have been able to share my experience with other mums and friends all around.


* Continuing in potty training my boy (and my girl!)

18th May 2012-Ben standing on a small stool to pee into the toilet seat.

I blogged about starting Ben back on his potty training in February after months of delaying it (Alyson came along in September and I had to pause Ben's potty training since then) and even listed down some short, medium and long terms goals that I looked forward to accomplishing with Ben.

Then I also blogged about the precious sight I get to see - Ben finally pooping in his potty! (instead of diapers which he always insisted on), and revisiting those goals I set in February against the progress in early May this year and checking off the ones we achieved 3 weeks later, and now it looks like we are getting almost all of the goals soon for Benjamin! Thank God for this and for my dear boy to be so good in following through his potty training!

As for my 16 months old girl, she is learning fast by observing her big brother! So much so that when I can see her obvious signs she wants to poo, I will immediately take off her diaper and put her on her brother's potty (which surprisingly, is the one property of Ben's that he gladly shares!!!)

As of today, the last day of the year, I'm happy to share that my boy has been off diapers during day AND night time. Woohooooo!!! I've just got to work on getting him to get used to using the toilet seat from now on. As for our girl, I have observed on two occassions where she squatted on the toilet floor to pee, so yes, I'm pretty proud to see her do that... still, I want to let her slowly and steadily move along in her potty training progress, no rush on our side as I firmly believe when she's ready, she's ready...

 * Getting to review Nissan LEAF, the world's first mass produced, all-electric & zero-emission Nissan Vehicle in Malaysia 

To be precise, my husband and I have been appointed as the couple ambassadors for Nissan's 2nd batch of Nissan LEAF test drive program. It has been an amazing 8 weeks for us to test drive this beauty and for my blogging experience, getting to review this car and work with Nissan brand is truly one of the pinnacles in my blogging journey!

Btw, you can view loads more pictures of the awesome car in my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507265295964237.115229.147942468563190&type=3

 * Helping out book authors by sharing their book review pitch

There are times I had to reject some pitch to review books that is not my genre or I simply do not have time to review it. There are also times when after reviewing the book, I was very excited to have read the book and wanted to help the author to spread out the news about their awesome book.

So, I created an album on my Facebook page and with the permission from these authors, I shared the opportunities available for book bloggers to review these books (mostly in PDF format). I am happy to be able to share these opportunities with other bloggers as well and also happy to know I can help out these authors!


* Building up my blogging portfolios

These are some of the brands / companies I've worked with and I'm happy to share that each and every one of this brands and companies are awesome to work with and I hope to continue building up my blogging portfolio and to be able to work with more brands and to share what my family and I have tried and tested and the things that works!

So there you go, a list of things I did in 2012 that I am proud of! I hope to be able to achieve greater things be it in my blogging or parenting. I wish the same for you all out there and thank you so much for your support and following through my blog in 2012!

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Sandra Beeman

You have done so much for others in 2012! Admiration to you!


I was interested in reading the tandem nursing, mine always weaned just in time, but I am glad to read it worked.

yvonne dewolf

I like your site, and like reading about your experiences in parenting.

Melinda Dartmann

Melinda Dartmann says:

What a busy year you have had!!! I am a mother of 8 and I tell ya, I don't think I could do the tandem nursing! Bravo!

oralia santiago

I love the way you were able to explain how you are homeschooling your babies, and now that I think about it that is one the things I want to do with my little alexander, hes not even born yet well hes going to be here in 3 months and I know i am thinking ahead, but i just cant help it.

Nora Grahe

I love your tips!  What a wonderful way to help others!  I think it's great you share your experiences and your wisdom!  What a Wonderful Full Time Mom You Are!  Congratulations!

Nora Grahe

I really enjoy your looking and reading your blog!  It's very helpful!  Thank You!


Nice site, interesting parenting information


Can a new parent ever have too much help or advice available when they need it..heck no!  Luv the ideals

Dominique Goh

Great achievements that you had for 2012. All the best for 2013.

denise smith

thanks so much i am a full time mommy also it is the hardest but  the best job  thanks so much for what you do for us to


great achievements! happy new year!


All the best for 2013!!!


You accomplished so much! Good job! Sounds like a lot of difficult tasks, but you accomplished them!


You did so much.  Thanks for the tips on how to get reviews.


Indeed a very fruitful year! I think my list is just very short only... Thumbs up for your efforts as a mom, a wife, a daughter in law, a friend and a blogger!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thank you all and have a blessed new year!

Bidisha Banerjee

Bidisha Banerjee says:

Indeed a great year.

Stephanie Larison

Stephanie Larison says:

Looks like you had a great year full of many great memories!

Miranda Gill

In 2012 i went back to work after taking 3 years off to finish my Bachelors and then Masters degree!  It was hard and scary but I have done my best to keep up with my mommy duties while working full time.  2012 has been a great year for us!


Wow that is a lot to be proud of!  You are an inspiration to me since I also have 2 kids and am thinking of blogging and homeschooling! Can't wait to hear more updates!

Valarie Lee Gentry

Valarie Lee Gentry says:

You had a lot of great achievements! I would say the biggest achievement for myself is being a mommy! It's the most thrilling, fulfilling, awesome job I could ever have (not saying it's a job-i love it)!

ashima gupta

wowww...... u did so much in 2012 Smile

Chrystal D

Great work! You've had an awesoem year!

Vanessa Katherine

Vanessa Katherine says:

I love this and think it is so creative that you posted what things you did in 2012!

Casey M

I'm still working on the potty training myself!  Good luck to you in 2013!

Bashir Ahmed

Thanks for the tips on how to get reviews.

Denise Taylor-Dennis

Wow you really had quite a busy and productive year.  Hope you have a prosperous coming New Year.


Wow! You have had quite a yr..Hope you have a very Happy New Year

Laila Husin

You have a lovely family. Have a blessed year ahead! Smile


Looks like a lot of things happened in 2012.

Happy new year. Hope 2013 brings us Malaysians to greater height.


You have every reason to feel proud of yourself. It seems like you are a very busy, organized, and good Mom! Best wishes in 2013 and with your homeschooling endeavor!

Ana Georgievska

Ana Georgievska says:

Not such a long list,but mostly proud of my battles!Thanks for the  good info!

celina k

You certainly have a lot to be proud of! Just the nursing/potty-training/homeschooling is a huge accomplishment, nevermind adding everything else in there! Have a great 2013!


I love the idea of making a list like this.  Seems like a great way to start off the new year! Thanks for the post!


You sure have done a lot. Keep it up!

Zahara anwer

I love just this site! keep up with your amazing work!.Smile

Nora Grahe

I am proud that I made it through the year!  Thank You God!

Heidi LeMay

Yikes ! You have done so much.Keep up the good work.Thanks for all the great tips.


Your blog is so interesting! Smile Thanks for sharing!


You have got your hands full and tandem nursing... Wow!!


I like your approach to weaning. I have a while until I have to think about that, but I'm always interested in seeing how other mommas cope with these big changes and such. Great blog!


Thanks for the insight into your potty training and breastfeeding. It's always helpful to find someone who knows what you are going through when problems pop up. Regarding the reviewing, how did you find companies to apply to?

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