Baby Room Review - Parkson, 1 Utama

~ Posted on Monday, February 10, 2014 at 7:42 AM ~

I hope you enjoy reading my baby room review as much as I enjoy sneaking in my camera along with my baby and sheepishly taking pictures during the nursing session hehehehe....


Location: There is proper signage that will lead you to the baby room (the baby room I went to was located in the children's department - sorry, forgot which floor)

Facilities: There are a few nursing cubicles, each has a curtain to open and close from both outside and inside for some privacy though there is a hook inside you can sort of 'lock' the curtain to disallow people from pulling it open, dustbin, comfy sofa, a sink with mirror, baby diaper changing station and there is a comfy sofa outside the nursing cubicles as well. I didn't pay attention to the power outlet as being a breastfeeding mum who nursed directly, I never bother to look for all these power outlets :P

Comfort Level: The cubicle is OK, I am quite nervous with the curtain closing up the room I'm although I can hook it to stop people from outside from accidentally pulling open the curtain. The cubicle is spacious enough for me and 2 kiddos :)

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