Our Thoughts on Penang Butterfly Farm

~ Posted on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 7:36 AM ~

We had our final family holiday for 2013 in Penang and managed to squeeze in an outing to the Penang Butterfly Farm before we head back home.

Before I begin, I just want to note down that prior to this visit, the other butterfly farm I've been to is the one in Kuala Lumpur long long long long time ago, when I was a pre-teen and I totally can't recall much of that visit anyway... Anyway, this post is to document down our thoughts and feedback on our visit to the Penang Butterfly Farm...

I'm a full-time mummy

We reached the Penang Butterfly Farm around 2pm. Not enough parking lots available but thank God we managed to get a very nice parking. The queue to buy the tickets was fast.

Once we got into the Penang Butterfly Farm, we saw butterflies EVERYWHERE. Up, down, left, right, on you, over you, EVERYWHERE. Oh boy... the paranoid side of me started freaking out a wee bit.. I'm not like allergic to butterflies or anything but the sudden thought of their legs and wings touching my skin just gives me a sudden chill. But gotta brave on and show happy excited face to our kiddos!

Armed with a stroller (our 3 months old Carolyn was in it) and hubby carrying our 2 years old Alyson and our 4.5 years old Benjamin walking next to us, we strolled in further.

You can push your stroller on the pathways around the butterfly farm though some areas would require some sort of ninja skills to maneuver the stroller around.

There are loads of butterflies all around though I started noticing the same species (colors) after a few minutes. Meaning, not much varieties though the quantity is a lot. We also get to see the butterflies eggs, larvaes, etc.

I'm happy our kiddos get to see all these and hopefully they learned something from this trip. Other than butterflies, we also get to see other reptiles (lizards, snakes, etc) and we also checked out the nature guided tour inside the farm (it's a spacious air-conditioned hall where you can watch videos, see the many exhibits and then exit out of the farm)

To sum up our review on Penang Butterfly Farm:


  • Reasonable entrance fees

  • A lot of butterflies in the farm

  • Other insects can be seen: dragonflies, milipedes, scorpions

  • Opportunity to see monkey cup up-close


  • Limited parking lots

  • Not enough benches for people to sit and rest

  • Walkways are stroller friendly though some paths require skills to maneuver


Overall, a very nice place to visit, even though the farm is small, everything inside makes you feel it is worth paying the money to check out the site. The experience of walking inside a place where butterflies flutter around you and even landed on you is priceless!

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