Buying Flowers Online

~ Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 6:09 PM ~

I remember a few years ago when I needed so urgently for a contact of a florist, I ended up asking my ex-colleague (who is a secretary). But the ones she gave me were phone numbers to the florists, no websites or pictures of their products to look at or choose from. And I really feel not comfortable not being able to at least have a look of the products that I plan to buy.

I feel it's more thoughtful to be able to choose the flowers and if possible, customise the designs ourselves instead of just placing the order over the phone.

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I mean, I personally feel safer if I can place the order online, at least the details I type out on the order form are what I wanted to be included instead of relying on verbal message over the phone which might have typo or miscommunication, right?

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Have you ever bought flowers online?

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