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~ Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7:20 AM ~

We had our brunch on Saturday 4th May 2013 and we thought, oh well, let's just go to Bird Park again since there's nothing to do at home. So we headed there. And I tried snapping as much pictures as I possibly can...

My 4 years old boy was particularly mesmerised with the peacocks this round. Previously? Not much interest. This time, one of the peacocks opened up its tails and showed everyone nearby its feathers (not much left actually) and my boy stood and watched with much interest.

I also took the chance to explain to him that male animals are particularly more colorful than the female ones because they need to attract the female's attention. And this time, we also get to see a peahen and its baby! Cute! I also explained to my boy why the pea chick keeps tagging along to its mummy (for protection and food)

I thought things will get back to normal once we went back home. That's when I realised my boy's memory is still fresh and strong. Because I started seeing things like this from my 4 years old boy...

** Disclaimer: FYI, I have not even started teaching my boy how to draw because uhmmm... I am not a good artist at all, in fact I shudder everytime we have Arts class during school days especially when it comes to drawing activities... crafts no problem... but drawing... I am very weak in this... so anyway, the drawings by my boy is solely his own creation and imagination...

Amazing right?!

That's all the updates I can share for now, feel free to ask and share if you have feedback!

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Sara Fletcher

Sara Fletcher says:

I still have 2 yrs to think about it but I have considered homeschooling my daughter. My reservation has been the social aspect of school. I was afraid it may be hard to keep them active socially.

Sheri Simmons

Sheri Simmons says:

Oh homeschooling can be so exciting for it truly does give you as parent teacher to not only see things thru their eyes but also to touch as lightly or deeply on each subject as you want or as needed per child.  My boys are grown now...boys of their own and each of them are great teachers to their boys.  I miss those days of teaching and learning with and from them as well.  Enjoy each and every discovery with your children.  I promise they will amaze you. Always remember to take pictures and let them help you document their discoveries.

md kennedy

When I was little I had a friend who was home-schooled, and I was always jealous of the field trips she took with her Mom AND Dad - so much discovery and she knew about so many more things than I did! The one thing I most remember is that her parents took her one day to a dairy farm to learn about where milk came from, and she got to milk and cow and make butter.  I was SOOOOO begging my teacher to take us after that....

Maria Iemma

How amazing that there is so much to learn around us, all we have to do is stop and look and take it all in. I am a firm believer of hands on learning.


nice to see a lot.

Deb Sage

My grandson Manny often does the same thing by imm drawing pics of whatever, than making same out of his big legos! :*)

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