Life Goes On!

~ Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 7:29 AM ~

Life goes on dear Malaysians...

Sure, I woke up at 1am+ on 6th May 2013, and upon reading the barrage of comments and posts on Facebook about how the opposition parties lost in the 13th General Election of Malaysia, I felt like a big chunk of my heart has just been ripped out.

I can almost equate the emptiness and hollow feeling of my heart to the time when I realised back in early 2007, for the first time as I stood alone in my government flat I called house for 2 decades of my life, I have no more father and mother. I am like an orphan.

And I'm feeling almost the same as I read through how ballot boxes magically appeared after an eletricity blackout at some ballot counting centers, how vehicles bearing ballot boxes can still drive in and said they lost their way and are delivering the remaining ballot boxes to be counted (when the results has been counted for and unofficially announced) and more.

I felt like my beloved country has just died.

I'm sad throughout the whole half day of 6th May 2013. Sad not because democracy in Malaysia is dead. I'm not sad because the opposition parties have lost.

I'm just sad at the way we lost.

And sad how the racism card is still being used to stir up Malaysians.

Anyway, life really does go on.

Whether we like it or not, the results have been announced.

I just want to say we as citizens of Malaysia should be proud of what we did.

Even a miniscule of contribution in each and every one of us really did make a difference.

I'm actually happy to know some of my Muslim friends are sharing the same sentiments like myself.

I'm happy to know they too don't agree that religion is used to scare other races.

I'm happy to know many of the people in my Facebook network are frustrated and desire for change in the country.

Don't ever doubt that and don't ever lose hope.

Stop getting angry and move on with your life. Really... When you are calm and at peace, you are able to think more logically.

Of course, change does not come so fast.

Trust in God's timing.

And His will for our beloved country to be done according to His time and His ways.

Stay strong and stay united.

Push on dear Malaysians...

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md kennedy

After your post on praying for a fair election I have been wondering how it would turn out, and I am disappointed.  I'm also disappointed that I haven't seen anything on the news about your election!  Well, I'll keep praying and hoping for you and your country!

gigi borden

thank you for posting this, i will be praying too, very nicely said and quoted!

Maria Iemma

I am sorry that the election did not go the way you prayed for, life is full of disappointments but keep your chin up and try to smile.

peggy greco

This is a good and moving article; thanks for post.

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