Fruit Smoothies

~ Posted on Friday, March 29, 2013 at 7:53 AM ~

We've been adopting a new timetable for our kiddos since last week where we wake up at 8am, get ready for breakfast by 8.30am and then reading time, or water pool activity time (or replaced with running or cycling at porch when my kiddos do not want to play water) then playroom activities, daytime bath, then preparation for lunch, then learning activities for half an hour then naptime at 2pm to 4pm then they wake up for tea break and another round of learning activities for half an hour and TV time for 1 hour and then dinner time, then rest for a while and go for evening bath followed by bonding time with grandma and/or daddy before heading for bed at 9.30pm.

I've also changed our kiddos breakfast to cereals (we buy Post cereals) and I've been making fruit juices and fruit smoothies for them to accompany their cereal breakfast.

This is one of the fruit smoothies I made last week:

Half a carrot + 1 apple + 1 mango blended nicely and served in their own sippy cups. Sometimes my 1.5 year old girl will finish hers, else I will end up finishing for her while my 4 years old boy will always finish his fruit juices/smoothies. I think this idea is great as I get to sneak in some veggies in the juice/smoothies and they don't notice anything.

Fruit Smoothies

I basically just blend whatever fruits we have on hand, but mostly we rotate between apples, pears, bananas, mangoes and carrots definitely.

Do you have any favorite/signature fruit juices/smoothies?

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i had nvr tried fruit smoothies but i always do.. Milo smoothies Tong


My little ones love smoothies too. I like to add a little fresh spinach into ours. The more good stuff I can pack in, the more I love to see them drink!

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