Guest Post - Creative Ways Your Kids Can Make Money in College

~ Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 2:16 AM ~

College costs are on the rise, making it more and more difficult for college students to make ends meet without going deeply into student loan debt.  As a parent, you may have set money aside in a college fund for your child only to find out that while you can pay an ample portion of their tuition, there may not be enough available to cover their room and board or living expenses. 
Luckily, there are jobs that your student can do while in college that don't require many hours and can net them some money for living expenses. 

Jobs Through the College

Work Study--If your child qualifies for a work study position, he should take it.  Most of these jobs require 10 or fewer hours per week, and your child may get real-life work experience which can help when he graduates and looks for a job.
Resident Assistant--Your child can get her room and board completely free if she agrees to be a resident assistant in the dorm.  (Some also get a small stipend for this job.)  Of course, your child will need to be good at negotiating and solving problems.  She also has to be available for the other dorm residents when conflicts arise.  Typically she will need to work 20 hours a week and have a G.P.A. of 2.5 or greater.

Sell Notes--Many community colleges allow a student in a class to take notes for a student with disabilities who may not be able to keep his own notes.  The student will typically earn $2 to $3 per page of notes and will need to write on special paper so he has notes for himself as well as a copy of the notes to give to the student with disabilities.  Check with the office for students with disabilities.


Jobs Outside the College

Medical Study Participant--There are many medical studies that are non-invasive such as sleep studies that pay very well.  For a week or two of sleeping in a hospital being observed, your student can earn $600 or more.
Audit a Liquor Store--Your child can join a company to audit a liquor store.  All he has to do is try to buy alcohol and see if he is carded and then write a report afterward.  For this, he can earn $20 to $30 per audit.  Students generally have to be under 25 years old for this job.

Babysitter--You might think your child's babysitting days are over when she graduates high school, but there is quite a market for college babysitters.  Your child can look in the local paper or use a site like to snag a babysitting gig.  In larger cities or more expensive college towns, these jobs can pay $10 to $16 per hour, and the hours are flexible.
Your child does not have to commit to a job working 20 hours or more at college.  He can keep his studies as his priority and find some unconventional jobs to help him earn some extra money without a large time commitment.

What are other ways you would suggest college students make money?

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Huguette English

Huguette English says:

My daughter is taking Co-op program in university, so this term she's working and it's for the government.  It's giving her great experience.

Jennifer Mae Hiles

Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

Wow, I never thought of Medical Study Participant or Liquor store auditing. Very creative ideas. I did some work study programs and then worked at a gas station and as a waitress my last year.


Online jobs can do better as well. Writing articles and such can give them extra income.

denise smith

thanks so much for this my daughter will be starting in a couple years to college   thanks

Reava Bennett

I wish I knew about being the audit for a liquor store job. I look like I am around 18 even though I am 24 so sometimes, I do get carded, but there are also those times when the clerks just do not care.


Great post! I will pass this along ;)

Anna Lyman

awesome, I will pass this on to my granddaughter she is in her second year of college

Mitzi Fisher

Amazing post...... we all can thank you for the great iformation Smile

Heidi LeMay

These are some good ideas.


Those are some great ideas!  I did the work study program, which was based on financial need, so not everyone would qualify for that.  Some of those I never heard of.  I like the note taking idea - that is really awesome!  If people were really adept at taking notes on a computer, they could just print them out.  Couldn't someone just copy their notes for the other person?  

JJ Caraway

My son did a work study while attending college, he also applied for a RA position and got it which really helped him out in many areas.

Holly Trudeau

Great ideas, I used to work at the bookstore pt while going to college, I earned $ and saved on books for school Smile


What a great list of idea for the college kids to earn money. Some of them I wasnt aware of.
They also could tutor students . Alot of business like to help the students by giving them PT jobs.

Becky Davis

What great tips. I am going to forward this to my son to give him some ideas to check into.

Mitzi Fisher

Everytime I read this post I sonething new out of it. Thanks!


The note taking idea is a really good one for my son. He is an excellent student and takes great notes. I am going to talk with him about this! Thanks!


There is always good information here. Thanks.

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