Guest Post - Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Kids

~ Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 2:24 PM ~

Children get through a great many pairs of shoes and trainers - jumping, climbing, running and general playing means that footwear for most active kids takes quite a pounding. The only way to keep a control of shoe spending is ensuring that you know how to select comfortable shoes for your kids every time, so here are a few handy tips to keep you shoe savvy...
What can their old shoes tell you?
Finding out why an old shoe is no longer suitable can be difficult; 'they hurt' is often the best explanation you can get for why a shoe has become uncomfortable, so it can be beneficial to examine the existing shoes to look for tell-tale signs. Children's feet can grow in odd and unpredictable ways, but signs of bulging on the shoe upper or stress at the seams where the upper meets the sole can give you an indication of where the problem may be. Bulging on the top indicates the shoe may be too shallow, stress at the sides suggests it is too narrow.
Get the measure
Having your children's feet measured is recommended on every shoe-shopping trip - again, children are typically not great at vocalising whether shoes fit correctly or not. And don't assume that because your son or daughter was once found to have wide or narrow feet that this will still be the case a year later.
Choose specialists
Choosing a children's shoe specialist means you get the best possible advice on what footwear is best for your child, reducing the chances of them experiencing discomfort soon after purchase. Not only that, children's shoe specialists also have plenty of experience dealing with kids - which can be a big help if your little one has a tendency to get impatient and difficult when out shopping!
Knowing what 'fit' means
If shopping with the kids is something you rarely have time for, and you want to take advantage of the great deals you can find online with retailers such as Debenhams, you'll need to know what to look for when your child tries those new shoes on for the first time.
It can be tempting to buy shoes that are too big for a child with growing feet, in the hope that they will last longer, but you should not buy anything more than one size too big. Any more than this and the extra space will cause tripping and can lead to foot problems. Besides, that extra bit of shoe is likely to be worn and misshapen before your child's foot grows into it. Heel cups should rest snugly on the back of the foot, but not grip it, and if your child has one foot larger than the other, be sure to buy something which accommodates the larger one properly.

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Yay! Thanks so much for these tips! One thing that Ive learned in choosing the right shoes for my kid is that I have to bring her whenever I shop for her shoes. It would be easy for me to choose for the right one since she can fit it and she can also choose what she want.

precious mae

I think this is what my sister needs right now. She has been having a tough time when it comes to her kid's shoes. Her kids sometimes complains the shoes are small or too big for them.

Rich Hicks

These are terrific tips!  Best to get it right the first time!

Cindy Merrill

My neice is 6 and going through a growth spurt- her shoes need replacing and it's only been 5 months since she bought her last ones.

denise smith

thanks for the tips my younger sister is having a baby so i`ll pass this on my kids are older now and they pretty much tell me what they like lol.

Sara Wood

I never know what shoes to get my son. This is great! thank  you

Jessica Genovese

Jessica Genovese says:

Very helpful!!!! Thanks!

Cassandra D

Any suggestion is a great suggestion - I like to get shoes that really suit my little ones.

Jessica Genovese

Jessica Genovese says:

Very Helpful!! Thanks!


Always have a hard time getting shoes for the kids, since they always pick looks over comfort ;) thanks for the post

stacy norris

I think you should choose shoes that are good for your kids feet to grow and develop!

Chrystal D

This is very informative! Thanks for the tips!


It is so hard to tell if they fit right ,.... and little kids cant tell you.  Gppd tips.

Bashir Ahmed

These are terrific tips!  Best to get it right the first time!


Good tips. Kids don't even need shoes until they're walking.

Jennifer Mae Hiles

Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

I've just ran into these problems myself buying shoes for my 20 month old daughter. She was given snow boots last year that were way too big but they looked perfect for this year - until I couldn't get them on her feet! Thanks for the tips. I will see about having her feet measured.

Lauren Rochon

This is a very informative article, thank you so much.  I don't have kids yet, but I'm saving this for when I do. Thanks again for the article!


Really good advice! I always watch the wear on my kidlet's shoes to make sure they don't overwear them.

Mitzi Fisher

Awesome tipa! Love the post Smile

Andy Grice

Great tips,I usually would purchase a pair an inch longer than his feet.


thanx a lot for these tips Smile

MD Kennedy

I find that going to a store that specializes in kids' shoes is the best bet!

Dorothy Boucher

Dorothy Boucher says:

Thanks for the useful tips and great review, if your feet is happy you are happy ;) @tisonlyme143


Thanks for the tips! Really can be useful for a dad like me who sometimes, go out shopping with the kids Smile

Holly Trudeau

Great tips! I never know what size to buy my son, he seems to outgrow them all so fast!

Christina Kelbel

Christina Kelbel says:

These are great tips. My son needs a new pair of shoes so this was a helpful post at the perfect time. thanks for this post.

Bill Elliott

Thank you for all the tips. This will help when choosing the right size shoes for all seven of my Grandchildren. Excellent post.


Thanks for the tips very helpful

Christina Strapp

Christina Strapp says:

Thank you for sharing these great tips

Sarah Park

Wonderful tips.  Honestly, I am not really confident when buying shoes for the kids.  My husband usually does that.

Tammy S

Great tips! I worked at a shoe store for ages and what most people don't understand, is that the life of a shoe is 3 to 6 months. It really doesn't make a difference on what type of shoe it is. Most of the cushioning breaks down within that time period. I know runners that are lucky to get a month out of a shoe. You need to replace shoes regularly or you will end up with foot problems. Especially if your child is very active in sports.  

natasha brodsky

natasha brodsky says:

This has been a constant battle in my home with three kids.  We are always getting home with shoes that don't actually fit quite right but felt fine for the 2 min they had them on OR they are just really uncomfortable after a day or so.

Betty Baez

great tips! i definitely have my boys feet measured every time we go shoe shopping

Mitzi Fisher

I have always needed tips on purchasing the right shoes. This was awesome

cassandra mccann

cassandra mccann says:

ty for writing this wonderful topic it was informative and fun to learn

Mary McCloy

Finding the right fit on a kid's shoe is hard to do,so thanks for the tips.

Steven McCuan

ya its very hard so i tend to get shoes a little big and that as helped

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