Heaviest and yet the Lightest

~ Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 7:40 AM ~

When our 3rd kiddo was born on 30th September 2013, she was the heaviest among her siblings, weighing 3.02kg at birth compared to Benjamin who weighed at 2.73kg and Alyson weighed at 2.91kg. I think this may partly be due to the fact that I ate a lot more when I was pregnant with Carolyn - or put on the weight easily.

But then when we brought Carolyn to the paed for her overdue Hep B 2nd dose jab when she was 2.5 months old (btw, the jab was supposed to be taken at 1month old hahaha), Carolyn weighed 6.03kg.

Of course I cannot compare her siblings weights to hers as she was 2.5 months old when she had this weight.

At 3 months old, Benjamin weighed 6.9kg.

At 3 months old, Alyson weighed 6.7kg.

At 2.5 months old, Carolyn weighed 6.03kg

I think this may partly be due to the fact that with 3 kiddos now to take care, my breastmilk does not contain as much fat content compared to the previous 2 rounds. The fact that I have to care for 2 older kiddos (hyperactive all the time) and also a newborn that clings as much as she can to me at all times made me used up more fat in my body perhaps? I don't know. I heard this theory from my SIL who had 6 kiddos of her own.

So what do you think?

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