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~ Posted on Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 8:22 AM ~

I have previously reviewed the MagMag Spout Cup by Pigeon company and is thrilled to be contacted again to review their latest range of skincare products, the Sakura Skincare Range. I am all for natural ingredients products and since this range of products offered for my review are free from harsh chemicals, does not contain paraben, sulphates and coloring agents and uses natural ingredients such as sakura flowers extract, I thought why not? It took me almost 2 months to try out all the products as I had to clear off other skincare products that I got for my reviews as well. Without further delay, read on for my review below:

I'm a full-time mummy

Pigeon Sakura Skincare

Description from the product page:
"PIGEON Sakura Baby Toiletries is the perfect solution to help protect your baby's skin against skin irritation and its associated problems. Free from harsh chemicals, it does not contain paraben, sulphates and coloring agents.  It uses natural ingredients such as our signature Sakura extract, renowned for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.  So mild and gentle, it is proven safe on baby's sensitive skin."

I'm a full-time mummy

I received the following products for my review: Sakura Skincare Baby Wash 2-in-1, Sakura Skincare Baby Shampoo, Sakura Skincare Baby Milky Lotion, Sakura Skincare Baby Oil and Sakura Skincare Baby Powder.

The first product I tried on my 2 kiddos is the Sakura Skincare Baby Milky Lotion. It was such a coincident that my girl was having some rash on her tummy (reactions from taking certain Cheddar cheese products) and I thought why not give this lotion a try? So I dabbed on some of the lotion on my girl's tummy and gently rubbed it all over her tummy. The lotion smells flowery and I love it! The rash cleared by 2nd day. I think that's good as it normally takes my girl about 3 days at least for her rash to start clearing bit by bit. So to see it gone by 2nd day itself is really a good outcome!

Pigeon Sakura Skincare

The next products I tried on my 2 kiddos are the Sakura Skincare Baby Wash 2-in-1 and Sakura Skincare Baby Shampoo. The smell is same as the lotion itself. The transparent color liquid produces enough foam for me to generously rubbed it all over my kiddos body and I love that after using these products on them, their skin stays smooth and supple. I like the fact that I can use these product from head to toe! Yay!

Pigeon Sakura Skincare

The next product I tried on my 2 kiddos is the Sakura Skincare Baby Powder. I love that the bottle is handy and the powder that comes out is not too much and it is easy to just shake and pour out some powder for immediate application. There are some brands of powder I used before which is difficult to shake out the powder. Again, the Sakura Skincare Baby Powder smells just as flowery as the earlier products I tried on my 2 kiddos. I also like that the powder rubs off easily leaving my kiddos' skin smooth and fresh.

Pigeon Sakura Skincare

The last product I tried on my 2 kiddos is the Sakura Skincare Baby Oil. To be honest, the reason why this is the last product being tested is because I don't use baby oil that much on my 2 kiddos. Maybe it's because of my weird mindset that baby oil is greasy and yucky and messy. But anyway, I have to test it out and share my feedback with you guys, so I dabbed on some onto my palm and rubbed it around my girl's arms and legs and tummy. I'd like to share that the oil keeps my girl's skin smooth and supple and it does not feel as greasy as I thought it would be. Smell wise, same flowery scent. Not bad actually!

Pigeon Sakura Skincare

I'm a full-time mummy

You can find out more info at Pigeon's website.

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

I'm a full-time mummy

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I love trying new baby products, especially all natural ones. Lovely review

Holly Trudeau

They sound like such great products. My toddler has very sensitive skin so I am always looking for products that contain mainly natural ingredients, his skin can't handle all the chemicals, thanks for sharing!


That baby wash looks nice. I wish they can send me some products too to try for my 1 year and 2 months baby boy hehe. WIshful!


Baby products that don't smell like baby products? I have been looking for non baby scented baby powder for ever!! Where do they sell this???

ashima gupta

Thay sound great, but I'm not a mommy but I'll pass on these reviews to my cousins who have little babies..

Huguette English

Huguette English says:

Great review, it'll pass on the info. It's nice to have a great scent with a great product.

denise smith

thanks for the review i can use this with my kids i will let others know about this also

loris ayoub

lovely review....need to try it


Love floral scents.I never used baby oil on my kids either.These products sound great.

Bashir Ahmed


Thanks for the  great review! looking forward more.

Lana Bradstream

I never thought of using anything other than Johnson's.

Kathy Smith

Thanks for great review. I have a new grandson and my daughter is looking for an all natural prouct for Mason.


these products sound like a dream

Wendy Pogrant

They sound like such great products.

Mitchie Talavera

Mitchie Talavera says:

I wish I could have that product too to try for my 7mos baby.


I really want to try these products!


Ill have to try this product

Wendy Mastin

my daughter is going to have a baby in April.  These products would be great for her to try.

Lovely Joy Merced

Lovely Joy Merced says:

I want to try these products for  my kids, thanks for the review Smile

Loretta Hurt

Always looking for products that are good for my granddaughter''s skin she gets bumps and red spots thanks for the review....


I've never heard of this brand. Thanks for the review!


Hi Jeanine, Pigeon Sakura Skincare products can be found at all Pigeon's counter in major departmental stores - Parkson, Isetan, Sogo, Metrojaya, and selected Aeon outlets.

natasha brodsky

natasha brodsky says:

The Colorado, dry winter has taken such a toll on my family.  This would be great to have.  I love the review of the milk lotion because that's exactly what we need!

Ng Pei Fung

Seems not bad Smile

Lynnette Watkins

Lynnette Watkins says:

I have heard of Pigeon Sakura Skincare before and I have tried many. I have 4 kids with very sensitive skin I have to read before I try it.  I haven't seen this before in  major departmental stores but I will keep looking. Thanks for the review.

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