Guest Post - Start the New Year with a Brand New Nursery

~ Posted on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 6:19 AM ~

The New Year always brings with it fresh starts and new beginnings for the coming twelve months. What greater way to start 2013 than by redecorating your baby's nursery. Here are some great ideas that you can use to make the nursery more exciting for toddlers.

Brighten up the walls with bright colours

Young children should be in exciting and stimulating environments to help them learn and develop. If your nursery has plain white wash walls then you should inject some colour with a bright feature wall or by painting your baby's favourite cartoon characters and animals on the wall. If you are not the best with a paint brush or would like an alternative to painting the nursery then you can use wall stickers to bring your toddler's nursery to life.

Make your nursery educational

There are many great ways to make your nursery educational. One way to interact with children in the nursery is to create a reading area in the corner of the room. Start by using beanbags and an assortment of soft cushions and throws in a circle, for you to sit and read together. By fitting bookshelves in the same corner of the room you can easily access interactive toys and games when having learning time.

Making the nursery exciting for toddlers

To make your nursery exciting for toddlers it is a great idea to create a theme for the room and to build on this with colours, pictures, themed bed covers, curtains, rugs, lampshades and accessories.

If you have a boy then you could choose a cowboy theme and have a big sheriff Badge Night light placed above their bed and a rocking horse in the room. Or you could choose a racing theme and have a car shaped bed, a rug with racing cars on that your child can play or accessories and characters from the Disney and Pixar film, Cars.

If you are creating a theme for a girl then you could opt for a princess theme and have a castle painted onto the wall, shelves to display their favourite dolls or even a mini wardrobe with clothes in for dressing dolls and teddy bears. Or you could create a fairy and magical creatures theme and create a secret treasure chest for storing all of their toys.

For more exciting nursery ideas visit Vertbaudet for tips on how to decorate your nursery for a fresh start in the New Year.

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I like the idea of creating a reading area in the room. I always had a special spot for the kids to read filled with lounge pillows, books, lamp etc. They loved it

denise smith

my sister is having a another baby she is having her 4th baby and these are great tips for me to share with her its been a long time since she had a small baby her kids are 20, 19, and 16 so she could use these ideas now

Holly Trudeau

All great ideas! We made my son's a jungle nursery, monkeys and vines everywhere! I'm kinda jealous he gets such a cool room ;)

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