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~ Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 8:40 AM ~

I am a fan of wall stickers so when I came across the opportunity to review this cute family vinyl wall stickers, of course I immediately go ahead for it! I browsed through the website selection for family type of wall stickers, mind you, there are tons of designs to choose from but what I had on mind was something like stick figurines so the one that I chose is the VW family vinyl design even though none of us own any VW.

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VW Family Vinyl Walls Sticker

Description from the product page:
"Show off your unique family on the family car with our vinyl decal family kits and mix and match stick family car decals. Every member of the family is special, which is why you get to pick and choose individual stick family decals to represent each of the unique members of your family on your car or even walls. There are stick family car decals for every member of the family, from baby figure stickers to grandparents figure decals to choose from. You can choose to add stick family members for those other things that define who your family is our pets stick people and other car family decals. Looking for untraditional vinyl decal family kits? Or vinyl decal family kits are a fun twist on the typical car window stickers family, with different themes to choose from, ranging from sports to Star Wars family decals. "

I'm a full-time mummy

The wall sticker came in a nice packaging and with proper and easy to follow instructions on how to apply the wall stickers. I did not use all the family / animals figurines as we don't have any dogs or cats or babies (for now hahaha) so I only put up the mummy, daddy, little boy and little girl figurines.

VW Family Vinyl Walls Sticker

Now let me explain a bit why I ended up applying the wall stickers on a ermm... our bathroom door instead of on a wall. You see, there might be some possibility of our room being repaint so I thought, we won't be having our bathroom door changed so tadaaaa... bathroom door it is! 

I asked my 3.5 years old boy whether he wants to stand next to mummy or daddy and my boy said 'Stand next to mummy!' so alright... I got on to gently peel off the figurines and apply it one by one. It is a bit difficult for me as the figurines are very thin (stick figures you see!) and I was quite worried I might accidentally folded the stickers!

Anyway, after a few minutes I managed to put all 4 figurines nicely next to each other while my boy hover next to me and my girl safely in her playpen tried to see what is happening. Once I was done, I carried my girl out and let her explore the wall stickers, at the same time explaining to my 2 kiddos who they represents in our family.

VW Family Vinyl Walls Sticker

Close up shot of our family hahahaha... I love it even though we do not own any VW car, I think this is a cute way to spice up a room!

VW Family Vinyl Walls Sticker

I'm a full-time mummy

You can view more designs at

I'm a full-time mummy

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I'm a full-time mummy

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Alex Roach

This looks so fun!

Ng Pei Fung

OMG... these are too cute

Holly Trudeau

These are cute, we used a similiar decal in my son's room but it was NOT easy apply! Do you know if these come off fairly easily?

Donna George

So funny! I love that you put them on the walls

Lovely Joy Merced

Lovely Joy Merced says:

Wow, my kids will love these!

Sarah Park

These are absolutely awesome.  My kids love to put stickers around their room.

Kelly R.

These are really cute, thanks for sharing your review.


Aw so cute. Perfect for kiddie room. Nice!


Wouldn't it easy to be peeled off? my gal is scratching everything she can scratch on! She's also into stickers nowadays! going to buy stickers for her soon. Smile

ashima gupta

Hey, these are nice..I'll definitely give them a try..

Adriana G

That is precious!  I relaly like this concept!


I like the dog family ones, they are very cute.

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams says:

those are so cute and look really easy to use!


I like that they're esily removed. Better than crayon on the wall!


nice website. i love it. ;)

denise smith

they are cute my kids would love these

Cecelia Sanders

Cecelia Sanders says:

This will help me stopping my son from writing on the walls


I like the Star Wars family they have


Wow!this looks like a fun activity, I just checked there website, They have Star Wars!!!


these are adorable!  thank you for sharing.

krista grandstaff

krista grandstaff says:

This is too cute...I would never have thought about putting the car sticker on the door, but it works!

Jodi Hall

those are adorable. I have been wanting some like that for my car for a long time.

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