On The Way to Independence?

~ Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 7:31 AM ~

This would be the 3rd time my 3.5 years old boy attend his Sunday school by himself. I have been attending his classes with him ever since he turned 18 months old and the first time I tried to leave him in the class (age group 3-4 years old), I pre-empt him the night before, telling him that there is no need for him to be afraid and the teachers are in the class to protect him. He even told me 'I'm not scared! God will protect me!'

Then the next day in class, the moment I stood up clutching my diaper bag, he went 'Stomach ache, headache, no energy, pain'. All sorts of excuses blurted out and he hang on to me. Attempt failed.

The following week, I told hubby he must be the one to bring Benjamin to class since our boy dared not pull any tricks on his daddy.  And I reminded hubby must bring Ben to the toilet first before go class. Hubby did that and left Ben in his class while I sneaked away with Alyson to her class upstairs (age group 18 months to 36 months but we bring her in since she loves to dance and doodle) First time success!

The week after that, we repeated it but this time, hubby forgot to bring Ben to the toilet first. They went into the class, and then hubby remembered and asked Ben whether he wants to pee and Ben nodded. After that, Ben refused to go back to the class alone. Hubby had to stay outside the class to accompany him.

We tried again the week after and I kept reminding hubby to bring Ben to the toilet and yes, 2nd time success.

Picture taken below is Ben's 3rd Sunday school by himself. I stood outside, zoom in the closest I can with my digital camera and snapped him having his snacks.

My boy is on his way to independence now? I do feel a tad sad seeing him on his own, no longer need mummy around but then I take comfort in knowing it is for his best... anyway, the rest of the day he is still with me.

So it's ok... for now... I guess...

So how do you feel when your child goes to school / kindy / nursery / etc?

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oh good boy!! I'm still trying to get my girl to attend her Sunday School on her own..

Ng Pei Fung

Happy - they are "independent" finally...


good job ben! wish Jboy will be as brave as you someday

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