Unmetered Dedicated Server

~ Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 1:16 AM ~

Before I became a SAHM (yes, I used to have a job long long ago!), I used to work in the IT field.

The term Unmetered Dedicated Server reminded me on one of the first projects that I can recall happening in my previous company which was migration of the company's system from a shared server (managed by the group IT) to a dedicated server. This migration primarily affects the IT and Finance systems and will definitely benefit the company in the long run.

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To begin with, having the entire company system on its own dedicated server means the company now has primary control of its own usage and settings. Prior to that, the company's system is under the group IT management, which means, it takes longer time to respond to issues and changes and that will also impact decision making process as everything had to go through the group IT.

Now that the system is under an unmetered dedicated server, it means the company is free to fully utilize the bandwidth all by itself as it is no longer sharing with other subsidiaries and hence will not be bog down by other resources compared to previously having to share with other subsidiaries which are parked under the group IT management.

I am glad my previous company made the decision to move itself out from the group IT shared server as we all noticed the significant improvement towards the system and processes soon after that.

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Wow, I wish I were so smart. I admire anyone who has even a smidgen of knowledge of teh inner workings of computers. Kudos to you!

Paul Brown

jenn - its not as hard or scary as it seems, and theres loads of information on the web if you get stuck!

Great post by the way - switching to a single dedicated server has loads of benefits you're right!

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