Our Awesome Ribbon Christmas Tree

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Every year in December, hubby and I will be cracking our heads to think of what to make and give his clients for Christmas celebration. You can read this post to see our previous gifts to his clients.

  • In 2008, we got this 3 feet tall fake Christmas trees and hung treats and goodies as ornaments and filled up the base with sweets and snacks too.

  • In 2009, we bought this glass cookie jars and filled them up with Famous Amos cookies and sweets and treats and tied a red ribbon over the glass jar.

  • In 2010, we bought 2 biscuit tins of fifferent sizes (2 for each client), small tin filled up with butter cookies which I baked myself sealed in decorated plastic bags and the big tin is filled up with treats and snacks.

What we did for 2011? Ta-daaaaaaaaa...

Ribbon Christmas Tree

Ribbon Christmas Tree

For 2011, we made ribbon Christmas tree with treats and snacks in a basket decorated with fake pine leaves.

The ribbon tree is my idea after searching the Internet for inspiration and the basket with treats is hubby's idea. I've posted some pictures of our ribbon Christmas trees on my personal Facebook page and a couple of friends asked me how to make it, so here it is:

#1 : Making the Ribbon 'Leaves'

Ribbon Christmas Tree

#1 - These are the items you need to make the ribbon 'leaves': scissors, double-sided tape, ribbons!

#2 - Start cutting ribbons! I cut mine about 7 inches long. Make sure the length are all same. Gently fold the ribbon in half.

#3 - Cut 2 small tabs of double-sided tape. I cut mine about half centimetres in size for each tab. Stick 1 of the tab to one end on the inside of the ribbon (you want the nicer looking surface to be outside). Peel out the protective layer and stick the ends together.

#4 - Stick the 2nd tab to 1 side of the ribbon where you just double-taped earlier.

#5 - If you do not want your tree to look fuller or bouncier, you can press the ribbon where it's folded in half.

#6 -Repeat step 1 - 5.

#2 : Creating the Ribbon Christmas Tree

Ribbon Christmas Tree

What you need is party hats, some ornaments to put at the tip of your tree and your ribbons made from earlier steps. Take 1 ribbon, peel open the protective layer of the double-sided tape and stick the ribbon onto the party hat. I make sure my ribbons touched the edge of the party hat. Repeat until you reached full circle. I also try to overlap the ribbons by a few milimetres to make it compact.

To do the next ribbon circle, I will repeat the above and ensure my ribbons covered about 1 inch of the ribbons below. Keep on until you reach the top.I actually cut and prepared tons of ribbons, put them into a paper bag and when my girl is napping on my legs, I just start sticking the ribbons onto the party hat.

I got this cute little star ornament which I poke a hole big enough to cover the tip of the party hat. I also tape the star ornament for added protection.

#3 : Making the decorative basket

Now what you need for the decorative basket (hubby's idea!) are basket (big enough for your party hat), fake pine leaves, ornaments, cable twist tie and scissors.

Hubby cut and wrapped the fake pine leaves all around the basket and securing it with twist tie. We actually got some nice cookie tins and mini Pringles can to hide inside the party hat and then we filled the basket with goodies and treats.

I also printed the greetings and double-tape it to a card before punching holes to both ends of the card. I then use some recycled ribbon to tie the greeting card to each basket.

#4 : Final results to oogle on!

Ribbon Christmas Tree

I love this year's gifts!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 

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Dominique@Dominique's Desk

That's a really cool DIY Xmas project.. it looks fantastic.


Hey! You're very creative! I like it! Do one for me la..hehehe. I'm sure your hubby's clients absolutely adore them..Smile


Very creative. I tabik you-la; got so much time and "sum kei" to do all these while caring for a toddler and a baby! Smile


Very creative and lovely Smile I hope they were warmly received!!


I really love the ribbon tree! I might just make one for all year round. I have a ton of Autism ribbon I want to use up and this would be perfect!


hey!  what a fantastic DIY project.  you are very creative indeed, and love all the photos to go with it. Smile  thanks for the inspiration.  i have to try this with my kids. Smile

regarding the hacking, it said, "someone is making a bad blog about you..." so i was getting a lot of DMs saying... "is this true?"  lol.

hope you enjoy your evening!


Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Tracy!

Hey Dominique, Carolyn!
Thank you for your compliments!

Hey Germaine!
I where got so free! The trees have to be made over few days in a row, whenever the kids are napping, way at night after they gone to bed, etc etc. As for 'sum kei', well, it's a once a year treat to hubby's clients, I think if your hubby has his own business, you guys can consider doing this as I personally feel it has the added touch! Smile

Hey Aurie!
Thank you, and yes, they were excited when they found out we handmade the tree!

Hi Stacie!
Thank you, do share with me your post link if you decide to do it so I could check out your trees too! Smile

Hi Jasmine!
Thank you! Hubby's idea too for the basket and treats in it. I only do the trees ahahh...


What a terrific idea, a lovely D.I.Y Christmas tree. Few years back my sister in law collected pine cone from Bukit Tinggi and painted it gold to decorate her tree. I painted egg shells gold and decorate my pots for Chinese New Year. It looks like golden eggs fro far. If I have the time I might do it again and post on my blog. Wish you Merry Christmas in advance.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aries!
Thank you, glad you enjoyed our Christmas tree gifts! I'll watch out for your DIY too! Happy holidays to you as well! Smile

Homer Haynes

It looks so cute! You're very creative! If only I had creative hands just like yours, we wouldn't need to buy a Christmas tree. Smile Wouldn't some parts fall off after some time? Some of the ribbons and tapes don't fit each other. Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Homer!
Thank you for your compliments! So far, I've tried to pry off the ribbons from each other and also from the party hat, nope.. sticking very strongly!

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