O Christmas Tree...

~ Posted on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 at 8:30 AM ~

One early morning, I set up the Christmas tree in our room before our kiddos wake up. I wanted to surprise them with the tree, so after hubby left for work, I got down to searching for the tree in our storeroom, cleaned it up a bit and started decorating. I then lugged all the presents we got for our kiddos and arranged them under the tree. Once it was done, I waited for our kiddos to wake up.

Our 2 years old girl woke up first, looking blurred and when I pointed to the direction of the tree, she followed my finger direction and stared. Then her eyes widened and she immediately got up and went to investigate the tree and the ornaments around it.

Our 4.5 years old boy woke a short while after that and looking blur as well, he followed my finger direction and went 'Whoa! Is it from Santa?' We are never the fan of Santa Claus and to our boy, Santa is just an old grandpa who hands out presents during Christmas.

So anyway, I got our kiddos to stand next to the tree to take pictures so I could WhatsApp to my hubby. Benjamin was excited (at the presents of course!) while Alyson continued inspecting each and every ornaments around it, dropping some and we have to hang it back.

And suddenly, the whole tree toppled. Alyson pulled an ornament and somehow dragged the whole tree down. Gaaaaaaaa!!! And then Benjamin drew a warning poster and asked me to stick it near the tree so that it served as a warning to Alyson NOT to ever be near the tree anymore! Here's how the warning poster looks like:

Please excuse the funny alphabets written there (my apologies as I was too busy to continue teaching him lately, he is at letter E now, as to how he is able to write letter H, I and X, I guess he saw this letters frequently). Noticed he drew a figure on the right hand side? That's Alyson with a crossed out mark, warning her this person is not allowed at the vicinity of the Christmas tree. Hahahahah! Cute!

Oh well, I still have the warning poster up as memories. In the meantime, here's wishing you and your family a blessed holiday and wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

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