12 at 22...

~ Posted on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 9:33 AM ~

Not sure what's with the hands behind his back while weighing himself...

12kg at 22 months old now...

According to the Growth Chart website, Ben is at the 50th percentile for his weight and height..

I'm not too concerned with his weight or height anyway, he's active and healthy and that's what any parents ever asked for!

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Diana S.

What a big boy!

My son is at bottom of weight percentile and in the middle with the height. There are doctors that will scare you that your baby doesn't weigh enough but like you said, what matters is that they are happy and healthy! Sometimes, we just blessed with tiny babies Smile


So cute with his hands behind like that. Yes, so true, as long as they are healthy, happy, active and eating well, no worries. My hubby said he was the shortest in school till form 5. He was only 4 feet 8, in form 5. Every one thought he could not grow anymore. He is almost 6 feet now. When ever we bump into his secondary school mates, no one could recognize him. When he mentioned his name, his friend would say, oh that shorty in school, what happen, did you took steroids or something.


You are so right: He looks soooo healthy and happy and gorgeous; all my biggest compliments...!!!!

have a wonderful start in the new week!!!!!
ciao ciao elvira

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Diana!
Thanks for your comments and yes, no need to worry much as long as our kids are happy and healthy! Btw, hope Nathaniel is going to get well soon!

Hey Aries,
I think Ben's hands style is from Toy Story 3. He learned it from the little girl character named Bonnie, who puts her hands behind her back while she approaches Andy to take his toys... very cute! And wow! Your hubby sure amazes his friends huh... Growing 1 extra feet and all!

Hi Elvira!
Thanks for dropping by and for your compliments! You have a lovely week ahead too! And more pretty pictures please! Laughing


awe - he looks so cute Smile

so glad that you aren't worried about it!!  both my girls were always off the charts in height, but it took them a long time for their weight to catch up!

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