Sliding on his own!

~ Posted on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 2:27 PM ~

While I was in the bookstore at a family outing recently, hubby and our niece, Bonnie accompanied Ben to play in this small indoor playground (less than 1 minute from the bookstore) and hubby called me up and asked me to hurry over to the playground. It seems that our little baby is now sliding on his own! He no longers need to hold daddy's or mummy's hand while sliding down... Our baby is growing up!!

One minute he's learning to sit on his own...

(Ben at 6 months old - 1st time learning to sit)

And we have to hold Ben whenever he wants to play the slides...

(Ben at 14 months old sliding down with daddy holding onto him...)

And the next minute we see him sitting and sliding on his own!

Yes, it may be a short and small slide, but it's still a big milestone for him (and us!).

My baby boy is growing up! (He's 22 months old today btw!)

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Happy 22nd month Ben! And every milestone is such an exciting time.

Diana S.

They grow up too fast!

Is he nake-y in the first picture? That is so adorable!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thank you Lisa! And yes, every milestone is an exciting time! Truly agree!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Diana S!

Yes, Ben was naked in the 1st picture. I had just bathed him and was just turning to my side to get his clothes and voila... he sat by himself! So what else to do? Snap snap snap this memorable picture!


Yay! The slide is so fun. Even as an adult going down a big slide is quite a rush. P.S. Your little is adorable.


WAY too cute!  Oh my goodness, he is precious.  I can't believe how many blog friends have kiddos the same age.  Livia will be 22 months at the end of January, and there are so many that same age - how fun!  Smile  Have a great week!

jared's mum

way to go ben!time flies so fast and our babies do grow up real quick..might as well enjoy the moments while we can..

happy new year!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Elysia!
You're right! The other day, I tried this water slide in my SIL's condo for the 1st time (I don't know how to swim!) It was a milestone for me! Fun but scary at the same time! I don't want to drown and scared my son! Tong  Thanks for your compliment on Ben btw!

Hi Karli!
Oh, so Ben is about a couple of weeks older than Livia only! Surprisingly I don't have many bloggy friends with toddler around Ben's age. Thanks for your comment btw!

Hi Jared's mum!
Thanks for your support! And yes, we should enjoy and cherish these moments as they really grow up fast! Happy New Year to you & family too! Smile


Oh how sweet...that lil' boy can slide on his own...
Happy New Year, Jenny!

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