Finger Sucking is Good...

~ Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 12:27 AM ~

As usual, being a superstitious Chinese, my MIL always say "When kids suck their thumb, it means they love their father more. If they suck on their index finger, it means they love their mother more." She's always saying this before Ben turns 1 year old, cos he was always sucking his thumb...

Yeah, whatever... FYI, I am an anti-superstitious believer.

But, look at what Ben did nowadays...


What? Can't see that clearly???

How about this shot then? That looks like a mighty index finger to me! Cool

I mean, I know finger sucking is a bad habit,

but how can you tell your kids not to do it when they do all this super cute pose while sucking their finger?

(and what more their INDEX finger?!)

Wordless Wednesday (Ben On A Swing)

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 10:15 AM ~

All by himself... Cool

Ben Gogh in the Making??

~ Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 1:05 AM ~

I know I'm bad. I called my son names...

One moment he is Ben, the Ben-pire.

Then he is Ben, the Ben-blebee...

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to:

Ben, the Ben Gogh! Cool

Hmmm... ever since Ben picked up some color pencils and started scribbling around during one of our recent family outing to our close friend's house (their daughter is 2 months older than Ben), I decided to take out the Sketch and Etch toy given by my brother during Ben's 1st birthday. I still kept the shape magnets as I think they are still a bit too small for Ben to handle for now.

So, during our usual balcony time, instead of playing with water, I decided to let Ben sketch or scribbles whatever he wanted on the Sketch and Etch toy. At 16 months old, Ben is still not very good in holding the stylus but nevertheless, it's better than the first time I let him tried it. He just stuffed the stylus into his mouth (which is why I kept it until now). I took a closer look at what he came up with... not bad, not bad... at least there's something! Everyone's gotta start somewhere right?!

And I noticed he loves sliding the magnet eraser left and right. And he only does that after he scribbled on it. Clever!

Ben pausing for a while... looking for inspiration??

Picture below of Ben taken from the top where I stood over him heheheh... (Btw, unlike the superstitious Chinese customs which is to shave a baby's head bald when they turned 1 month old, we did not shaved Ben's hair at all since he was born. And yet, Ben had a headful of hair, smooth and soft, just the way we love it!)

Ben starting his weird antics... am not sure whether he's looking for more inspiration for his sketches or he needs that rush of blood to his head or something...

Ben got distracted by our dog barking at the people walking past our house. And yeah, him standing on the sketch board... sigh... will try again next time...

I wonder whether my son is going to sketch something like this for me one day?  Just thinking... Cool