Facebook Page Sponsored Ads Scam

~ Posted on Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 12:52 PM ~

At this point in time, I am still waiting for FB to rever to me on their investigation regarding to my FB page getting hacked case. I just want to alert everyone to be aware of anybody posing as "Sponsored Ads". The hacker approached me via FB Messenger offering paid ads opportunity where I can choose which adds to post on my page and monetised from it. I specifically refused anything to do with Instant Articles or anything that need me to add them as friend or grant access to anybody else to my page and was assured there's nothing to do with granting access to anybody.

AGAIN, I specifically refused anything to do with Instant Articles or anything that need me to add them as friend or grant access to anybody else to my page and was assured there's nothing to do with granting access to anybody.


The hacker assured me that I have the complete freedom to choose what ads to post.

And then the hacker gave me a link shown below which leads me to FB Business Manager.


As of 6th August 2019 8GMT, I have lost total admin control after this action. The person who approached me via Messenger has not been answering me and blocked me already. I just want to warn others and indemnify myself from being charged of any other ads postings done by the hackers from the point of me losing access to my FB page.

I did not agree to any posts, videos or ads being posted on my FB page (I'm a full-time mummy) and I am not responsible for any actions performed on the page from 6th August 2019 22.27pm Malaysia Time (8GMT?) onwards. I did not grant any access to anybody else and was scammed into this.


My FB page has been taken over by this hacker named SPONSORED ADS. Please be warned.


Any posts published by the hacker will show that it is published by SPONSORED ADS - and I AM NOT THE ONE DOING SO. 


This image below is the LAST and FINAL post published by myself (as indicated published by CHIN JENNY)



I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this is true and accurate. I have also declared the same in my report to FB.

I'm a full-time mummy Page Has Been Hacked

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 12:54 AM ~

The inevitable has happened. My FB page has been hacked and taken over by unscrupulous people. I am so sad to have lost all admin rights to my page. I don't mind giving it up but to see the hackers posting stuff that I would not ever post in my page. It incensed me so much! I have already reported to Facebook but I don't know how else I can be able to gain my page.

I have tried reporting the post as violating intellectual rights, whatever means I could to get Facebook attention. If you know of any other way, please help!

LEGO® Friends LIVE Show Event

~ Posted on Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 12:03 AM ~

As a busy mum with 5 kiddos between 8 months old to 10-years old, I have started cutting down on doing product reviews to focus on my childcare and family life, home cooking, education, helping with hubby's administration site of the business and sharing informational articles on my FB fan page so I am only accepting and prioritizing products that can fit into our family dynamics (especially books on parenting or educational stuff, family products, something along those genre)!  

Our family is a big fan of all things LEGO, so when I received an invitation to attend the LEGO® Friends LIVE Show Event with my family, how can I say no?! We quickly arranged for our trip down south (our first family holiday for 2019!!!) so that we can catch the show on time!

I'm a full-time mummy

Just a quick info on the LEGO Friends for those who are not familiar with them: LEGO Friends revolves around the everyday lives and personalities of 5 girls in Heartlake City. These girls (Mia, Olivia, Stephanie, Emma and Andrea) team up together to help their new friends to make the world a better place. Each girl has their own unique personality of being bold, funny, creative, kind, courageous and caring, reflecting how true friendship with a beautiful heart means.

We reached LEGOLAND Malaysia’s Theme Park on 12th July 2019 and were so excited to be the first group of people to watch the LEGO® Friends LIVE Show about the Magic of Friendship! While waiting for the show to start, our girls spent some time in the Heart Building Activity. Picture below is our 7.5-year old girl with her LEGO heart creation.

LEGO Friends LIVE Show

We took our seats in the front row near the stage and eagerly waited for the entertaining show. Not long after, all 5 LEGO Friends characters appeared on stage with their eye-catching colourful costumes and the show just got everyone dancing, singing all the way!

LEGO Friends LIVE Show

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the show as we joined along with the rest of the audience in singing and dancing along to some favourite hit songs such as "BFF" and "Friends are Forever". There are many more other songs which is catchy to sing and dance along to as well. Check out the picture below, see how engrossed the audience were? All fully captivated and eagerly taking in the energetic and fun performance!

LEGO Friends LIVE Show

Since we were seated at the front row, our girls even get to high-fives some of the LEGO Friends characters during the show! I really appreciate this gesture as I feel that the younger children will be super thrilled to get the extra attention and really up-close action with their LEGO characters! The show lasted for about 20-minutes, and yes, we enjoyed every minute of the show!

LEGO Friends LIVE Show

After the show ended, we made our way out to have our photo opportunity with the real life LEGO Friends characters. Our girls were so thrilled to have their pictures taken with their favourite LEGO Friends characters!

LEGO Friends LIVE Show

If you are planning to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, do keep a lookout for character appearances throughout the park as well as joining in the fun in the activities provided.

I personally enjoyed the show and embarrassingly admitted that I might be one of the loudest cheering parents during the show LOL! I do think that the LEGO Friends are a positive role-model that young children like ours can look up to and with a world we live in now, every bit of positive traits are welcomed, right? 

I'm a full-time mummy

 The LEGO Friends LIVE Show happens every day at 11.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm and 5.00pm in the LEGO City Stage.

Visitors can purchase the Triple-Park annual pass on the LEGOLAND’s official website to enjoy the all new LEGO Friends LIVE Show. Also, with the annual pass, guests get to enjoy 12 months of unlimited entries to LEGOLAND Malaysia’s Theme Park, Water Park and SEA LIFE.

How awesome is that?! Now, if you want the latest scoop on promotion and activities, do stay connected with LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort via Facebook and Instagram.

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I was invited to the event with my family in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

** Note: I have disabled the commenting feature on my blog engine thanks to all the spammers who happily spam my blog every day. If you wish to ask me any questions, you can find me at my Facebook page (I'm there almost every day) or just drop me an email if you wish to maintain some anonymity.