Angpow Story - Tetris Game

~ Posted on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 12:26 AM ~

I have been sharing some of my favorite angpow pieces on an angpow collectors group in Facebook and some members have been telling me to continue sharing my memorable stories and so I thought, why not write it down, that way, our kiddos can read about it when they grow up next time, eh?

For those of you who are not familiar or never heard of the words 'Angpow' (also known as 'ang pau', 'ang pao', 'angpau'), here is a quick definition:

Angpow = Red Packet (filled with cash inside) given during festivals

So for today's angpow story, it comes from this piece of lovely angpow:


Today's story is about this KitKat angpow which has the Tetris design look.

I remembered when I was in my early teens (mid 90s), my late dad bought a video game console and it came with hundreds of games. One of my favourite games to play is of course the Tetris game. I would sit and try to crack the game, trying to score higher and higher and break each record every time.

What's more memorable was the option for dual player mode and I remembered playing this game with my late mum as well. I remembered watching my late mum sitting engrossed with the game, trying to BREAK my high score lol. So so memorable sight to cherish forever.

Looking at this angpow reminded me of these childhood times...


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Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

~ Posted on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 2:00 AM ~

I've been so so so busy with my family, so very sorry for my regular fans who have not been reading much updates on my blog here. Do check out my FB fan page as I'm still very much active on Facebook (easier to just share interesting articles on FB)

Anyway, yeah, yours truly have given birth to her 5th kiddo (recently turned 3 months old!) and I'm now slowly getting back into the swing of my old self. I just want to do a quick post to share on this awesome product which was introduced by my sister in law during our recent family gathering. She bought these similar books for her 5-year-old daughter to doodle and 'paint on to keep her busy and I saw my 2 girls (age 7 and 5) were also intrigued with the books as well.

Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

Now, what is the intriguing part you wonder? This magic water colouring book will shows off its colour (drawing) when the pages touches water. The book comes with a 'pen' where you can just twist it open to fill it up with water and then you screw it back on and start 'painting'.

Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

So first thing when I have a couple of free minutes, I checked out Lazada and ordered 2 of these books (cheapest one I could find hahaha). The books arrived few days later and my kiddos were so excited that they were getting their own books to doodle and 'paint' on.

Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

No leakage (unless you don't screw the pen back properly), no mess (since you are wetting the page on the book) and it's very easy to use. What is also important other than the oodles of fun while 'painting' the page is your child gets to improve their motor skills. Fingers grasping onto the pen and focusing on the page areas to 'paint' on. There will be a page telling you to find some hidden objects as well. And yeah, the magic part of this book is when the water dries up, the page will revert back to its original 'unpaint' version and you can reuse it over and over again. Just wet it to 'paint' again! Easy peasy!

I am pretty happy with my purchases as it gives me some 'me' time, uninterrupted as my kiddos got engrossed with their 'painting' haha..

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I am merely sharing my personal feedback. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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The Benefits of Getting a Tax ID

~ Posted on Monday, December 10, 2018 at 1:14 PM ~

Let us say that you want to start your own online business. How are you going to begin? You can always ask for some help from people who have had other businesses in the past. You may need to get a tax id number in Texas. Do you know where you should go?

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There are different things that you have to think about when you start an online business. You want to make sure that you are creating a website that will be appealing to your potential customers. You need to find some products that your customers would like to buy. Once you have finalized these things, you can focus on knowing the reasons why you need to have a tax ID.

What is a Tax ID For?

The tax ID number is a nine-digit number that will be assigned specifically to your business. This means that whenever there are taxes that you have to pay for. They will be assigned to your business and not to your personal account. There are some online businesses that are not required to get a tax ID immediately but there are some other reasons why you may need a tax ID.

These are some of the common reasons:

  • You would need a tax id for trust. This is true when you are involved in owning an estate. 
  • You are currently organizing a non-profit organization that aims to help different people depending on the type of people that you would like to help. You need a nonprofit tax id for that.
  • You are currently seeking employment from another company.

No matter what your reasons are for getting a tax ID, it cannot be denied that there are some uses that will be beneficial for you in the long run. For example, there is no need for you to worry if you have a business because you can apply employees when you need to do so. It will also be easier for you to file taxes so this will not be a problem later on. One more thing to remember: you cannot apply for a business license without a tax ID.