And Then I Panicked...

~ Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 10:48 AM ~

Sometime last year hubby was doing some spring cleaning and found my wedding ring! My precious precious diamond wedding ring!!!

A picture of my wedding ring taken during ROM (registration of marriage) in 7th Nov 07'

I have long forgotten where I kept it cos I took it off (no, I am not divorcing hubby, and no, we're not fighting) somewhere around my 7th month pregnancy.

Talking about how I took off my wedding ring - hahaha.. brings back started out like this..

Date: Somewhere around my 7th month pregnancy, which is January 2009

Time: Wee hours in the morning, around 2-3am

Venue: On our bed.


What happened was, I was lying on the bed, thinking how long will it be before my baby is going to come out and how will he look like and then my thoughts wandered off to things like, my tummy is getting heavier... the nerve pain on my left foot is getting more frequent lately, and later on according to my colleagues, I will start to bloat off and my feet will swell up.

Then I looked at my ring and I thought "Oh crap. If I swell up and then I can't take off this ring what happened when I keep swelling up?!" Then my ever imaginative brain started to conjure up images of my body all swollen up and I'm on the labour ward and my hands and fingers are all swollen up and red because the ring is too tight to be taken off and the doctors said they need to saw off my finger to take out the ring so that my blood circulation will not be restricted anymore... and I quickly get off the bed and went to the toilet.

And started taking off my ring. That's when my sh*tty problem began. I managed to pull it down by 1cm and then it got stuck. I took a deep breath and told myself, OK, we'll try again tomorrow. So I pushed the ring back to its original position and it wouldn't budge. Crap... super crapola...

What started as an innocent (and stupid horror imagination) act to take off the ring turns into a frenzy of pulling up and down the ring - it lasted for about half an hour, of which by then my ring finger has turned red and sore.  And then I really panicked cos the ring will not move and my finger is really starting to swell. I tried the hand wash, the shampoo, the bath lotion, my hand lotion, nothing works... crapppppppp!!!!

So, I washed my hand, walked to hubby who is already in la-la-land long long ago.. and woke him up. Imagine if you are my hubby, who is deep in sleep and was nudged off awaking to a figure with long shouldered length hair standing right next to you and the figure is flashing her hand to you without saying anything.. hahahaha... hubby jumped up and said what's wrong, why am I standing there and waving my hand.

So I relate the whole incident to him and asked him to help me take off the ring, or at least push it back down to its position. Then the laser show began... I mean, his laser mouth... 'Why you take off the ring for?" "Why don't you tell people when you do this type of thing?" "See, your finger swollen up if no blood circulation affect baby how?!!!!" "What are you thinking!!!!"

Gaaaaaaaa.... after about an hour of massaging my finger with baby oil, the swell reduces a bit, enough for hubby to push the ring back to its position. Then he told me to go to sleep, don't do any funny thing already. Wait till the swell subsides, then slowly try again.

The next day at work, my finger is all red and you can practically see the area where we tried to move the ring up and down... but every now and then I will be trying to shift the ring around, trying to get it off. Finally almost near afternoon at work, I managed to take off the ring! Woohoooo!!! When I got home, I kept that ring in a pouch which hubby found today and placed into a proper jewelry box for me!

I won't be wearing the ring for now, scared it might scratch Ben... so it's gonna stay in the jewelry box for now...

(* Note: I'm reposting this from my old blog for this week's Writer's Workshop meme)

Stop Taking Sides!

~ Posted on Friday, September 24, 2010 at 12:40 AM ~

I get annoyed with what my MIL does sometimes. Before you go on saying that I should respect the older folks and just be patience and let them say and do what they want, well, I did that. MANY TIMES. But it keeps coming. In fact, I think it made her feel braver to continue picking on me! Read: Jude 1:16 (NIV)

I'm so tired of being picked on. She just can't stop boasting about all the good traits in Ben are from her side of the family.

Don't you know it is a sin to do this? Read: James 3:5 (NIV), James 4:16 (NIV)

Whenever she noticed Ben misbehaving, I'll get to hear the famous sentence "Your hubby never does that when he's young. In fact, none of my 5 children does that too. Ben must have gotten the bad habit from you or your side of family". *Speechless*

Just today, she saw Ben banging his head on the floor (his usual habit of throwing tantrums) and of course, immediately this ensues:

MIL: "Is your dad a very hot tempered person?"


Me: "No"


MIL: "He doesn't throw tantrums or easily angered?"

Me: "No" (I have no recollections of my dad bursting in tantrums at all throughout my life)


MIL: "How about your mum?"

Me: "No" (Same case, my parents have got to be the most quiet and peaceful individuals you've ever seen!)


MIL: "Then your brother?"

Me: "Nope"


MIL: "Cannot be. Why is Ben banging his head on the floor? Look at his tantrums! My 5 kids never behaved like that when they were young so it definitely must be from your side of the family!"

Sigh... Why must the bad habits be from my family? And what gives her the right to say that? What makes her think she knows my family well enough to say that?

This is just so unfair!

(*Image taken from Google search)

Maybe it's easy for me to be blamed on since my parents are no longer around on this planet to help me defend and prove her wrong. But hello, she can't even remember what happened days ago, and yet she can remember what happened when all her 5 kids were young? Like ermmm... over 4 decades ago? The crappiest part is of course, the good traits are all from her side of the family.

And there's no mention about where Ben gets his quietness and reserved self, his generosity and his fast learning ability. All these traits which doesn't seem to be coming from her side of the family just wasn't mentioned at all. Don't even get me started about Ben's facial and body features. Which riles me up even more. Oh puh-lease get real...

But seriously, why compare and take sides? Read: 2 Corinthians 10:12

Regardless my side of family or her side of family,

aren't we all in the same side of the family now?

Shouldn't we be focusing on nurturing and loving the young ones and of course, showing good examples in our everyday actions instead of picking, comparing and boasting about all this? Read: 1 Corinthians 13:4 (NIV)

Of course when I mentioned about how we should not be comparing or saying this or that is from yours or my family, she immediately changes the topic before I could counsel her longer. Sigh...

Have you experienced this before? What do you do if you're in my shoes?

Get Yourself Featured on Magazines!

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 9:16 AM ~

Always think of how glam it would be to have your face gracing a magazine cover?

Think no more!

On my usual prowl across the world wide web, I came across this awesome website

(* Actually I found it few months back but totally forgotten all about it hehehe...)

So, ladies and gentlemen...

Powder up, suit up, do whatever you want and get ready to be featured on a the cover of a magazine!

I'm a full-time mummy

I'm a full-time mummy

I'm a full-time mummy

I'm a full-time mummy

I'm a full-time mummy

I'm a full-time mummy

Did I mention these magazine covers are just for fun?

But still, awesome discovery right?

So go on and get yourself featured on a magazine and have fun!

Oh, if you like, feel free to email me a copy so that I can upload your pictures to my Facebook page for everyone else to enjoy!