The Adventures Of My Terrific 2 Years Old: Water Pool

~ Posted on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 8:54 AM ~

Seven months ago, we got our boy his very own water pool... and since then he loves playing in it. At one time, we had some problems with the main water tank and because of that, there's no water going to the pipes at the balcony where Ben always play in his water pool. But after fixing the problem and the water came back, oh boy, you should see the look of joy on his face!

About a month back, Ben has been avoiding playing in the water pool. No matter how I coaxed him, he refused to go out there to play. Until one day after we returned back from our Penang trip, he bugged me to let him play water outside. And since then, we're back into the almost daily activities of him playing in his water pool at the balcony again.

So here's some pictures taken of my terrific two years old enjoying his water pool...

I've said it loads of times, he still likes to drink the water!!

Ben: "But mummy... I just had this tiny wee bit water only!!"

Ben: (Mummy's not convinced! Gotta flashed my cheeky look!)

Ben: (Or maybe I should relax and distract her)


Ben: (Let me try to be perfectly still & blend in with the toys..)

Ben: (Oh no! Mummy discovered my tricks!)

What a cheeky boy I have, eh?

Welcome to Ben's Terrific Two stage! Cool

Ermm... Life's a Beach?

~ Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 12:18 PM ~

It has been quite a while since I participated in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, and when I get this week's prompt, I just had to join in since I just had my most recent trip to the beach not too long ago! And so, this week's prompt that I'm choosing is:

Mama’s Losin’ It

"3.) Photo Story:
Share photos of your most recent trip to the beach
(maybe an excuse to go!)."

We went for a short 3D 2N family outing to the north of Peninsular Malaysia (aka Penang) and our hotel is just right in front of the beach! How nice! Although I spent most of the time lounging on the beach chair (I was 5 months pregnant then btw), I do enjoy snapping pictures of my hubby and my 2 year old boy having a fun time on the beach.

Ben helping out with the sand castle building...
Ben: "What was I supposed to do again?"

Like I mentioned earlier, I spent most of the time lounging on the beach chair... and since nobody is taking MY picture and I'm sort of a paranoid when it comes to showing my face on the World Wide Web, I decided to snap my relaxed feet instead...

Me: "Ahhh... I could get used to life like this..."

The sun setting while we were packing up to return to our hotel room on day 2...

Me with Spicy Baby in my preggy bump...

See... even Ben seems to enjoy the beach chair like mummy too!

Thanks for reading my post and hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do!

The Adventures Of My Terrific 2 Years Old: Torchlight

~ Posted on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 8:47 AM ~

He found one of our emergency torchlight and it automatically became his latest toy... and also some sort of puzzle toy thingy which so far I had the privilege of fixing and solving the 'puzzle' TWICE now... The first time it happened, he just sat there staring at all the dismantled parts going 'Uh-oh, uh-oh, mummy fix! Mummy fix!' while I had to figure out how to put it back.

And this time, no matter how tight I screwed the torchlight shut, he still managed to dismantle everything! But at least, this time around, he had the initiative to try fixing it himself first... but still, I had to help him out in the end. Maybe the next round, I could expect more fixing from him hehehehe...

No Ben... the ambulance can't help you put it back!

Ben trying to fix back the torchlight puzzle...

Flashing mummy his cutesy look to gain sympathy...

And after mummy fixed everything back, he happily shines it at mummy...
You're welcome darling! Mummy knows, she's the star!


Welcome to Ben's Terrific Two stage! Cool