Toddler Meals (June 06 - 12)

~ Posted on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 8:48 AM ~

Continuing on with Ben's meals for June 06th to 12th...

6th June 2011 - Breakfast: Organic Oats
(10 tsp) each spoon topped with cereals,
1 bottle of Vitagen

Toddler Meals
6th June 2011 - Lunch: 1 slice Cheddar cheese, Mango
slices, A bowl of egg mayo
(mashed corns, carrots, peas)
Toddler Meals
6th June 2011 - Dinner: Spaghetti bolognaise
(few bites only), then he whacked my burger bread :(
(picture inset)
Toddler Meals
7th June 2011 - Breakfast: Organic Oats (10 tsp),
grapes, 1 bottle of Vitagen
Toddler Meals
7th June 2011 -  Lunch:
Egg mayo,
Corns, peas & carrots, 1 fried fish fillet
Toddler Meals
7th June 2011 -  Dinner: Cheese Omelette
with Cauliflower and cooked fish (minced)
Toddler Meals
 8th June 2011 - Breakfast: Fried noodle,
1 stalk of asparagus, a glass of diluted Ribena
Toddler Meals
** Ben ate only few bites of the fried noodle,
decided to make backup breakfast

8th June 2011 - Breakfast - backup:
Organic Oats (10 tsp) with 1 banana
Toddler Meals
8th June 2011 - Lunch: 1 apple cut into bite size,
Egg mayo (Ben didn't eat), 1 bottle of Vitagen,
1 pack of veggie crackers
Toddler Meals

** No picture: 8th June 2011 - Dinner: ABC soup drenched on Rice (about 5tsp), few bites of fried chicken, 1 tube of Japanese tofu.

9th June 2011 - Breakfast: A cup of soya,1 vege fish fillet (cut up),
1 slice of bread
(toasted & cut into 4), 1 cheese omelette
Toddler Meals
9th June 2011 - Lunch: Fruit Salads
(consists of grapes, 1 banana, 1 apple)
Toddler Meals
9th June 2011 - Dinner: Forgot to take pic
5 oz of sliced carrots (from ABC soup),
1 tube of Japanese tofu again, 1 oz of potato
10th June 2011 - Breakfast: Ben woke at 8am,
hubby made cheese omelette while I slept on...
Toddler Meals
10th June 2011 - Lunch: Grape Yogurt,
Tons of grapes, peeled & deseeded.
Toddler Meals
10th June 2011 - Tea Time: Ben actually whacked 1 and a half
of this char siew pork buns!
Toddler Meals
10th June 2011 - Dinner: A cup of diluted Ribena, half tube of Japanese tofu,
1 pc of chicken, 5 tsp of rice,
half slice peanut butter choc bread
Toddler Meals
11th June 2011 - Breakfast: Pancakes!
Toddler Meals
11th June 2011 - Lunch: 1 char siew pork buns
Toddler Meals
11th June 2011 - Dinner: 1 boiled egg, chicken & potato,
rice, a cup of diluted Ribena
Toddler Meals

** No picture: 12th June 2011 -Ben had some Cornflakes cereal for breakfast (after rejecting BOTH my pancake & organic oats backup meal), then had some of my chocolate cake for his lunch. For dinner, he had 1 char siew pork bun with some lotus soup (and some lotus slices) and 1/3 slice of cold cuts (ham)

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Gifts Ideas for Men...

~ Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 10:01 AM ~

Hubby's birthday is one and a half month more to come, I have no idea what to get for him this year. When it comes to thinking of the birthday gifts for men, I'm always stuck with clothing, wallets and last year was the Star Craft 2 game.

I came across this website and saw this very cool gift idea! My hubby is crazy about war stuff, the history, the army tanks, the whatever sieges and battles and weaponry and wouldn't it be great if I can get this for my hubby's birthday this year?

A tank ride experience in this World War 2-era Centurion Tank! Whoaa! What a unique and memorable way to give your loved ones for his birthday huh?! I bet he'd go berserk with this gift! If only I have the money and the logistics to make this a reality!!

* Image of Tank Ride taken from

Or how about a gift in the form of an experience in race car driving? I've seen my hubby playing with car racing games on his computer and he has downloaded an app for a racing game onto my iPad as well. Wouldn't it be fun to see my hubby enjoying this?

Gotta start cracking my head soon to think of what to get him for his birthday this year... or should I just saw Spicy Baby is his birthday gift this year? Hehehe...

Now, what are the gift ideas you can recommend to give the special someone in your life?

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Nursing Uniforms...

~ Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 8:22 AM ~

When I was young, I have never joined any extracurricular societies or clubs in schools that requires its members to wear special uniforms. Why? I came from an average income family, my mum is a SAHM and our family of 4 (dad, mum, my elder brother and myself) depended on dad's income (he was an electrician then) to survive. So, to fork out money to buy the uniforms and shoes and all are considered unneccessary. I have steered clear of clubs and societies like this even when I went to high school.

But that does not mean I have a negative perception towards uniforms or anyone wearing it in their profession. My dad, though he was an electrician, wears a special uniform provided by his company and everytime I see him in that uniform, I can't help but feel a sense of pride that he's special and different from other blue-collared working class people.

* Image taken from

I can also recalled my first encounter with people in uniform (other than my dad) was the nurses in my primary school. Back then, those nurses wore white dresses with a small little cap on their head. Those uniforms don't look like cheap nursing uniform to me back then.

Of course nowadays, with all the technology to mass produce and the creativity of people to design more varieties of uniforms (be it material or color), we can easily find uniforms everywhere. Even small businesses are resorting to having their own company uniforms as a sense of company identity and to look more professional.

Look at this Printed top uniform for instance. Would you have thought it is a nursing uniform? It looks pretty cool and pretty to me!

* Image taken from

What are your thoughts about uniforms (be it to wear at school or at work)?

Is it necessary and important?

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