Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

~ Posted on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 2:00 AM ~

I've been so so so busy with my family, so very sorry for my regular fans who have not been reading much updates on my blog here. Do check out my FB fan page as I'm still very much active on Facebook (easier to just share interesting articles on FB)

Anyway, yeah, yours truly have given birth to her 5th kiddo (recently turned 3 months old!) and I'm now slowly getting back into the swing of my old self. I just want to do a quick post to share on this awesome product which was introduced by my sister in law during our recent family gathering. She bought these similar books for her 5-year-old daughter to doodle and 'paint on to keep her busy and I saw my 2 girls (age 7 and 5) were also intrigued with the books as well.

Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

Now, what is the intriguing part you wonder? This magic water colouring book will shows off its colour (drawing) when the pages touches water. The book comes with a 'pen' where you can just twist it open to fill it up with water and then you screw it back on and start 'painting'.

Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

So first thing when I have a couple of free minutes, I checked out Lazada and ordered 2 of these books (cheapest one I could find hahaha). The books arrived few days later and my kiddos were so excited that they were getting their own books to doodle and 'paint' on.

Magic Water Drawing Colouring Book

No leakage (unless you don't screw the pen back properly), no mess (since you are wetting the page on the book) and it's very easy to use. What is also important other than the oodles of fun while 'painting' the page is your child gets to improve their motor skills. Fingers grasping onto the pen and focusing on the page areas to 'paint' on. There will be a page telling you to find some hidden objects as well. And yeah, the magic part of this book is when the water dries up, the page will revert back to its original 'unpaint' version and you can reuse it over and over again. Just wet it to 'paint' again! Easy peasy!

I am pretty happy with my purchases as it gives me some 'me' time, uninterrupted as my kiddos got engrossed with their 'painting' haha..

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